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Thread: Discover 125 VS Discover 125M

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    Default Discover 125 VS Discover 125M

    Hello all

    This is my first post

    I live in chennai, planning to buy a new bike in 125cc segment.

    My requirements

    1) Bike in 125CC segment
    2) Commuter
    3) Looking for better mileage as well as performance
    4) Budget ok till Rs 65000/- on road
    5) I Drive a maximum of 15kms a day
    6) Use to drive with pillion passenger

    Once i had the thought of buying new bikes, i started following lot of auto blogs and articles and i zeroed in on the following.

    1) Yamaha Saluto
    2) Bajaj discover
    3) TVS pheonix

    Have been searching for buyers review on Saluto, but couldnt get one.
    In terms of Bajaj discover, i found two variant in the site: Bajaj discover 125 and Bajaj disover 125M
    Would like to know the difference between the both.

    Of course the look differs, but i am not getting technically what makes the difference between the two and which one to choose.
    Still confused on which one to choose of the three and also would like to know if there any other bikes that i missed to consider.
    Please help me.
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    Smile Re: Discover 125 VS Discover 125M

    What Bike Query Approved.

    The major difference is the sportiness. 125M takes you more towards sporty side, with a 4 valve head and 5 gears.
    125 on the other hand, takes you towards the common modest commuter, with a 2 valve head and 4 gears.

    Talking about practicality, 4 valves allow better breathing and a higher redline, which may not always be good for the low end torque. 2 valves head is the opposite. 5 gears give better acceleration and top speed potential normally, but they also mean more gearshifts in the city.

    If you want to rev high and want modern technology, OR if you have more open roads in your riding place, then 125M is good enough. Or you can go for Discover 125, which should be overall better for the city traffic and rush.

    Do check if Honda CB Shine is still available, its an overall safe and reliable choice.

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    Default Re: Discover 125 VS Discover 125M

    Hello Samarth!!

    Thanks for your quick reply and letting me know some core concepts on the valve and torque.
    Yes, as you say my usage is more in city traffic and rush. i feel that i can choose any of them.
    Do you have any feedback on Saluto?


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