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Thread: Premium Commuter under 1 lakh !

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    Icon3 Premium Commuter under 1 lakh !

    Hi Friends,

    I am yet again in dilemma about my next bike purchase.

    I have recently shifted to Bangalore and need a bike here mostly for everyday office commute and occasional weekend rides.
    I am 5'4" in height, and have been riding my trusted Super Splendor and Glamour for over 10 years.

    Now I need a bike that can handle well in traffic and has a comfortable pillion seat for my wife to sit on. I don't really drive at high speeds and most of my driving will be under 70kmph. So, I don't need a powerhouse on the road.
    After some research online, these are the bikes that I have come across :

    Suzuki Gixxer
    Pros : Truly the best in segment and my personal favorite.
    Cons : Pillion seat is high. Also worried about Suzuki after sales support. Plus no Suzuki showroom nearby my residence.

    Yamaha FZS FI Version 2
    Pros : Another of my favorite after Gixxer. Love the low and mid range ride comfort.
    Cons : Bike looks bulky in front of a slim person like me. Also, would have preferred the pillion seat to be lower, though it's still better than Gixxer.

    Bajaj Pulsar AS150
    Pros : Looks
    Cons : Seat is too high for a 5'4" rider. Also, doubt the long term durability of pulsars. So, strict no to Pulsars.

    TVS Apache 180 ABS
    Pros : Love the looks. Seat height is perfect for both rider and pillion. ABS is added bonus.
    Cons : Too many negative feedback regarding the vibrations.

    Honda Unicorn 160 :
    Pros : Good ride quality. Not sure about the pillion seat comfort.
    Cons : Boring looks.

    Yamaha SR RR Version 2:
    Pros : Seat height good for rider and pillion.
    Cons : Average looks, Expected better mileage from the bike. Also not many reviews for the bike. Showroom owners reluctant to promote the bike and instead suggest FZ series.

    As you can see, I am really very confused. Need your help and advice desperately.

    P.S. I recently read that Honda is going to launch Hornet 160 soon. What are the expectations from the bike? Any idea about the launch dates? I am really keeping my fingers crossed for this bike.

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    Smile Re: Premium Commuter under 1 lakh !

    Topic Approved.

    I suggest among the Yamaha bikes FZ and SZ (both ver 2.0), for your needs.

    Hornet 160 should be good, and its an attempt to remove the "boring" tag from Honda, with good looks and features, in addition to a good engine.

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    Default Re: Premium Commuter under 1 lakh !

    Should he wait for the Hornet and then decide?

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    Default Re: Premium Commuter under 1 lakh !

    If you can wait then yes, definitely check out the Hornet

    But if you need a bike ASAP then Gixxer is a very good first option. You cannot go wrong with Suzuki here. The unicorn is also great and Honda engines are reliable but their after sales service sucks really bad. Yami FZ is good too but its become too mainstream, dont know how you would feel about that. So its a matter of Suzuki vs Honda here.

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