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Thread: Buying a Ninja 300

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    Default Buying a Ninja 300

    Hey Guys,

    I am Saurabh from Nagpur.
    Have been dreaming about buying a ninja for years now, this is sort of a dream bike for me. Now that I am finally capable need to know that if it's really worth the price.
    The use for the bike will mainly be city commute and an occasional long tour.
    From all the reviews that I saw it seems that the 300 is a good city bike and also good for a beginner.
    The other option was RC 390 and Yamaha r3 but RC is a but too aggressive for me and couple of people told me that R3 does not do well on low RPMs. Please do advice if it's a good idea to get a Ninja 300 at this point.


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    Default Re: Buying a Ninja 300

    Query Approved

    If you have the money and the skills, then sure why not
    Biking is not about what you have between your legs, its all about how well you use it!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Buying a Ninja 300

    You seem to set on Ninja 300 why are you hesitating now ? Ninja is phenomenal bike there's nothing wrong with it.
    I won't recommend RC390 because its little bit inferior product to R3 and Ninja 300 coming to R3 its a good bike but is having few issue with recall etc but again not a bad bike.
    Here's my advice if you want most confortable of the 2 (between N300 and R3) go for R3 but if you don't mind slight aggressiveness then go for N300.

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    Default Re: Buying a Ninja 300

    Quote Originally Posted by Saurabh3720 View Post
    Hey Guys,
    I am Saurabh at .
    Hi, which is your current bike. Ninja is a good bike, feels premium and quality is excellent. Maintenance cost is on higher side.

    Other options are Yamaha R3 and RC390. Yamaha R3 again a quality bike and has enough low end torque, no problems in lower RPMs, maintenance cost is ok. RC390 acceleration is best/dangerous among other competitors and VFM bike but single cylinder and will be less refined as compared to other two.

    R3 has best Riding posture for touring followed by ninja and lastly RC which is a perfect track tool. I would say TD all three bikes and decide which one suits you.

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    Default Re: Buying a Ninja 300

    Quote Originally Posted by Saurabh3720 View Post
    The other option was RC 390 and Yamaha r3 but RC is a but too aggressive for me and couple of people told me that R3 does not do well on low RPMs. Please do advice if it's a good idea to get a Ninja 300 at this point.
    The R3 does not have any issue in pulling at lower RPMs.
    You cant go wrong with either Ninja 300 or R3.
    Best get a TD of both and see which one suits you better.
    Since you have the budget for Ninja 300/R3, leave the RC out as it will be nowhere as refined as the Ninja or R3.
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    Default Re: Buying a Ninja 300

    If your heart is set on Ninja, then go for it man. No need to overthink.

    But if you are open to other options, R3 makes more sense, here's why.

    Equally powerful, equally smooth, equally awesome to Ninja.
    Cheaper to service and maintain than Ninja.
    The spare parts are easily available and cheap then Ninja. There are may users who have their Ninja standing idle for more than a month because the spare parts are not available in the service center. So keep it in mind when taking a decision.
    The service centers for Yamaha are more easily available than Kawasaki.
    The cost of the service is much low than Ninja.

    So all in all, if you are open to other options, R3 makes more sense.
    If Ninja is the one, no second thoughts, Go get it brother.
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    Default Re: Buying a Ninja 300

    First of all, before you get into the specs, features etc., think about how you feel about the bikes. If ninja is what you want, you should go for that, the heart wants what it wants. I really wanted a ninja too, (dream bike for me too) but due to a variety of factors, went for the RC 390. I only had an estimated usage of 2-3 years, and I was completely new to riding then(still am :P) . I always feel that slight twinge of regret though when i see a ninja. My brother got a Ninja, so I can provide you with a comparison

    However, for the RC:
    1. Features: The main advantage of the RC is the sheer number of features this bike has, mainly the slipper clutch+ Metzler tyres+ ABS+very low maintenance. Being a new rider, I went along with it for the ABS mostly, and if you're new, I would suggest you consider that too. There have been numerous times when I've oversped, or ridden in mud etc. and have made use of the amazing tyres and ABS. Its really made me learn a lot, without ever falling or getting hurt (touchwood).

    2. Pricing: In Bangalore, the Ninja is almost 2 lakhs more than the RC, and has a higher maintenance cost. RC is approx 1.8-2k, while Ninja is around 4k if I'm correct. Spares too are s lot more easily available and cheaper.

    While these are all positive points, there are a few points you have to know. The RC could be a troublesome bike. You have rattles turning up every once in a while, whether the battery cover, or the front number plate etc. While easy to fix, it does get annoying. In my 10 months of ownership, and 6.1K kms, I've had a problem of front fork oil leak, and a slightly off wheel alignment (Do note that the oil leak was covered under warranty, and the alignment took 200 bucks to fix). However these tiny niggles every once and then are a definite issue, there's no denying that, and it does get kinda annoying visiting SVC every now and then.
    Another point to observe is that if you drop the bike, something would probably break (i've had a brake lever and clutch lever bent, my fault completely). The ninja was never dropped, so cant say, but it is sturdier for sure. Basically, while Ninja spares would be more expensive or rarer, they last a lot longer, and are of much better quality.

    The riding aspect, Ninja is crazy smooth. RC has vibrations, and for some people it might be too rough. This is a huge difference among these bikes, it might not sound like much on paper, but it is. However RC has a power surge which is quite thrilling, while the Ninja is a lot more linear. The exhaust note of Ninja is bassier, although not as loud as the RC. This depends on personal preference, but the twin cylinders according to me beat KTM for sure.
    Servicing etc etc will be the same as KTM takes care of both the bikes.

    In case you're on the shorter side height wise, Ninja is quite lower than the RC, which you would prefer.
    In the long term, I feel that a Ninja would last you longer than a KTM (I know someone who's done 53K on a Duke).

    And of course, looks. I'm sure I don't need to say anything here, while the RC looks amazing, the Kawasaki green has always been my favourite.

    Basically, with the RC, you get an amazing VFM bike loaded with features, and a thrill and adrenaline rush overtime you ride, while the Ninja gives you smoothness, reliability, and amazing looks, and a hassle free experience 99% of the times.

    Regarding the R3, I have no idea, but do look at Benelli too, they have really nice bikes. I don't know about the TnT 300, but i took the 600i for a ride once, and even though I've never ridden anything in that range(I'm still 18 :P), it was fantastic. 300 too has really good reviews.

    All the best

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