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Thread: First buy: Yamaha FZ-FI V2 or Honda CB Hornet 160R

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    Default First buy: Yamaha FZ-FI V2 or Honda CB Hornet 160R

    So basically I'm looking for a naked street fighter in 150-160 cc range.

    Requirements/Usage: 70% commuting, 20% stuck in traffic, 10% trip.
    Priorities: Ride comfort, Handling, Durability, Low maintenance.
    Budget: Around 1 lakh INR.

    I gave proper test-drive to both bikes and here are my observations:

    FZ-FI V2 Pros
    : Style, Ride comfort, Refined FI engine (advanced technology) and throttle, Smooth gear shifting, Braking, Better pillion comfort, 6 free services!
    FZ-FI V2 Cons: A bit less powerful engine, Average pick-up, Price on the higher side.

    Hornet 160R Pros
    : Fabulous looks and aesthetics, Most powerful engine in the segment in terms of power & torque figures, superb top-end, CBS option.
    Hornet 160R Cons: Low-end performance not up to the mark, in city traffic the engine feels kinda lethargic and viby. Rear suspension is on the stiffer side. I also heard some Hornet user complaining about weird engine sounds at higher RPM and other issues.

    I have no idea about the mileage of both the bikes. But I heard Hornet is slightly better.

    So after all this, I'm really confused which bike to go for . Any help would be appreciated.

    NOTE: I'm not considering Gixxer because of its worst pillion comfort.

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    Default Re: First buy: Yamaha FZ-FI V2 or Honda CB Hornet 160R

    What bike query approved.
    (Been There Done That) x 3.25

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    Default Re: First buy: Yamaha FZ-FI V2 or Honda CB Hornet 160R

    WHy not the Apache 200, I believe it costs the same.
    FZ is an overall balanced bike - gear shifts are better.

    Hornet :
    + Light clutch. I am suffering from Tennis Elbow after riding Gixxer.
    + CBS - front brakes have 3 pot calipers
    + smooth engine
    - Heavier
    - Poor switches
    - Ugly colours
    - Hard gears
    - Carb

    Fz 16 / FZ S :
    + Smooth engine
    + Better gearbox
    - Drum rear brakes
    + FI

    So pretty similar - but Gixxer has better speed and pickup, but its service coverage is poor.
    mit freundlichen Gren

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