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Thread: Questions before buying Duke 390

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    Icon4 Questions before buying Duke 390

    Planning on buying a second hand D390 in bangalore (got a few good offers for 100,000-110,000)
    But before I pull the money trigger I have a few apprehensions, I was hoping someone with experience with the bike could help me out

    1. Long distance comfort
    I've ridden the Duke and found it to be fairly uncomfortable, but that could just be me not being used to it. Anyone take these bikes on long rides?

    2. Maintenance/Reliability
    What's reliability like with the Duke? I'd prefer very much not to plonk down too much money on repairs/spares. In particular I've heard about leaking gaskets, the engine stalling when pulling the clutch back to stop and the throttle acting vague/uncertain

    3. ECU remaps
    Has anyone here actually done one, or know someone who has? remaps might help even out idling problems and what not

    4. Softening the suspension
    Especially the front shocks which (for me at least) are REALLY stiff. Great for the track, not so much for the road


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    Default Re: Questions before buying Duke 390

    Query approved.
    (Been There Done That) x 3.25

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