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Thread: Need help, Buying a scooter

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    Default Need help, Buying a scooter

    Hello, I am a xbhp follower since an year, Currently owning a CB Twister (2011)

    I am planning to buy a scooter now,

    Main requirements:

    Good mileage (40-50kmpl)
    Better ride quality.
    Long term reliability (Minimum 6 years).
    Good service and maintenance.

    After all the research, I have decided to choose between Aviator, Activa 125 and Jupiter

    Spoke with 3 people who own Access 125,
    Everyone had mileage issues!

    I tried Activa 4G, The ride was fine, smooth engine, good build.. but the pickup wasn't that good and the suspension was bad especially the front!

    Jupiter: Better ride than Activa 4G, Rear suspension is really good, smooth but not as refined as Activa.. I am only concerned about build quality and maintenance.

    I will take a test ride of Aviator and Activa 125 in a few days....

    So Folks,

    Which bike will be a better option when considering all my requirements?

    Please do suggest, Thank you 😊

    I am also planning to buy the scooter on Honda exchange program, will the showroom pay a good price for my Twister?

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    Default Re: Need help, Buying a scooter

    Query Approved
    Biking is not about what you have between your legs, its all about how well you use it!!!!!!!

    Give your details here if you want to help your fellow xBhpian stranded in your city

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    Default Re: Need help, Buying a scooter

    hey, any update? I'm in the same situation. I've just added Aviator, Hero & Vespa to the list.. please keep me posted

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