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Thread: New BIKE: budget 1.5 LAC

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    Default New BIKE: budget 1.5 LAC

    Hi reader,
    Please help me to buy a new bike(naked preferred) with flexible budget around 1.5 lac to commute 10-15km daily
    height 5'8"
    I'm a comfort loving guy who ride vehicle very linearly, hardly braking hard. I like to cruise around 70kmph, and expect a mileage greater or equal to 38-40kmpl

    1. The NS200 is for flick-ability and power delivery, but I'm not sure has Bajaj corrected the O-ring issue which lets coolant leaks into engine, and I'm also not sure about it's mileage.
    2. fz25 has got almost what I wished in a bike but it's instrument console is very disheartening with it's price tag and now I read people exasperated of tappet noise which grows with time.
    3. Gixxer and RTR200 would be a pain for pillion so it's not in the list.
    4. I have also looked for RE Classic 350 but as I would be riding mostly in cities I can't compromise seating comfort with time
    5. Dominar is offering more what is required viz. power delivery
    6. .After reading the whole forum for months I have decided to get FZS-FI (for comfort, fuel efficieny, power delivery), but I would miss the punch like NS200 (please correct if I'm wrong). as I couldn't compare the two

    I'm looking for a nice bottom and mid range, keeping fuel efficiency in mind.

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    Default Re: New BIKE: budget 1.5 LAC

    Query Approved
    Biking is not about what you have between your legs, its all about how well you use it!!!!!!!

    Give your details here if you want to help your fellow xBhpian stranded in your city

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    Default Re: New BIKE: budget 1.5 LAC

    i would not advice a bullet because of reliability issues.(i ve suffered with TB500, now sold)
    i would only recommend you go for ABS bike. Its a life saver. please dont compromise on safety
    currently following bikes are there that have abs

    -Dual channel ABS-
    Dominar 400
    Duke 390
    apache 180

    -Single channel ABS-
    Gixxer SF FI
    Intruder 150

    My recommendation is in the above mentioned order.
    D400 is most bang for the buck and has the best headlights too.
    Good luck.
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