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Thread: Electric bikes (any two wheelers)

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    Default Electric bikes (any two wheelers)

    I reside in bangalore and i would like to buy an electric vehicle like TVS Scooty electric. I dont know how those vehicle's are really being charged, (i have a doubt if it's being charged as if we charge mobiles a long wire pluged to an electric outlet) or any other way (i live in the second floor of the building and i cant run electric cable of 300 meters),

    I dont find it that good when i heard that an 8 hours charge just lasts for 40 km's

    I dont know any other details about electric vehicles and any one who know please clear me my doubts

    Is it good to buy an electric vehicle and what are the advantages and disadvantages when compared to normal petrol 2 weelers

    If i buy one what all should look for ?

    is it possible to add additional battery with the one provided already ?

    how much will be the approximate cost be ?

    Do we have to register in RTO ?

    Which company produces the best electric vehicle and where in bangalore is it available ?

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    Topic Approved. search of that perfect world - My Travel Blog :)

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