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RTR 160/Pulsar 135LS/Others

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    Many have explained why they recommend the RTR and i agree with them,go for the RTR man!
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      Yep i am almost sure i am getting the RTR.....going in the afternoon to book a yellow one.........But i am getting the carb version.....if it would gimme 50Kmpl i would be more than happy........

      Handling isnt a problem...i have driven it and felt quite comfortable........136 Kgs isnt really that much.......

      Thanks guys for all your suggestions.....I would soon get the bike and post some pics.....thanks to each and everyone of the posters in helping me out.........

      Just one last i get a rear disc version??....


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        Originally posted by nimma View Post

        Just one last i get a rear disc version??....
        Yes you get Rear disc option in carb version of 160 too. & IIRC it should cost around 2.5k more
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          The more discs... the better + safer.
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            RTR 160 dual disk should be the choice. Awesome bike.

            RTR 180 isn't bad at all either. If the cost difference isn't too much, do give it a thought. You will never regret it.

            All The best

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              Ok i booked the bike today....didnt go for the rear disc version.....The dealer said he would call me as soon as the bike is available......

              I am quite happy with my choice.....cant wait to lay my hands on the machine.....