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Hi this is Nishant

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  • Hi this is Nishant

    Hello guys, I am Nishant Saloki, 26,residing in New Delhi. I am a banker by profession and a rider by hobby. I basically hail from Bhopal.

    I had a profile In xbhp with a different ID but ultimately I stopped using it and and also my lurking here reduced. Life happens right. Anyways, now I'll be lurking and posting a hell lot here.

    Bikes I have Right now :- Royal Enfield classic 350, 2016 (black)
    Bajaj Pulsar 220 SF
    Bajaj Pulsar 180 ug3 clocked more than a lakh km and still running good.

    Bikes Coming :- Booked an Avenger 220 and getting it on Saturday ie 30th. Mostly I'll be getting a cruise one.

    Happy Riding.

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    Re: Hi this is Nishant

    Hi Nishant

    Welcome back to xBhp

    Congrats in advance on your new bike
    Biking is not about what you have between your legs, its all about how well you use it!!!!!!!

    Give your details here if you want to help your fellow xBhpian stranded in your city

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      Re: Hi this is Nishant

      Hi thanks a lot man... Looking forward to cover lots and lots of kms and click tons of photographs of it


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        Re: Hi this is Nishant

        Hi Nishant, welcome back to xBhp.

        A bike on the road is worth two in the shed.

        Weekend Rides Around Kolkata
        My Ride To Sunderbans -
        Hemnagar & Samsernagar
        Saagar Kinare - Bakkhali Calling


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          Re: Hi this is Nishant

          Thanks a lot man. New baby Is in the house.