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  • Heya

    Hi Guys,

    Bangalorean here. First bike was a 96 model RX that became mine in 2001 and I just focussed on mechanical work and went with 2nd O/S and getting the clutch/crank etc to shape.

    Enjoyed the 2-stroke experience without getting too involved in all the technicalities and thirst for power. Bike was 80% restored in 2004 and served well for many years. After that has been neglected as I relocated. Some amount of light abuse to at the hands of unworthy family/friends.

    I've recently got back to Bangalore and given the conditions of traffic decided to delight myself inhaling the addictive 2T fumes rather than shell out money to uber,auto and be stuck in traffic in the car. Bike after all that neglect managed to jump to life with some light servicing. Of course the performance is gone but the delight is still there. An overhaul is in order and tank need to be replaced due to large dents on both sides gifted by someone while I was away. However for now the bike is running with no issues... just not butter smooth.

    Meanwhile I've acquired a genuine 5S 4TL10 running .25mm and perfect bore. Original carb and all matching. Body/Chassis etc were pretty sad and for now just going for the new parts. Will wait for the monsoons to pass before going for a paintjob.

    Additionally we also have a Thunderbird 500 with low mileage parked and not seeing any use. This is another story!

    It's going to be a challenge to retain both RX's longterm... as even just the 4TL00 there were many suggestions from mum/grandmum to sell it off. Have to see how things turn out. Either way, 2-strokes are here to stay

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    Re: Heya

    Welcome on board!

    You'll find many like minded 2-stroke enthusiasts here
    (Been There Done That) x 3.25


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      Re: Heya

      Originally posted by sunilg View Post
      Welcome on board!

      You'll find many like minded 2-stroke enthusiasts here
      Thank you. I will admit that section is what brought me to the forum, there's some lovely restoration threads as well as 2T camaraderie going on


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        Re: Heya

        Hi, welcome to xBhp!
        A bike on the road is worth two in the shed.

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