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Thread: Its all in the exhaust note!

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    Default Its all in the exhaust note!

    Hello xBHPians,

    This is Avais from Bangalore signing up as a new member on xBHP. Although I was aware of this community from a couple of years, I never thought I would be joining this community, and the reason for this is my (still) new Kawasaki Ninja 250R that I acquired a few months back

    I am an IT consultant by profession and have spent most of my time in Singapore and the US. So I don't have an extensive list of bikes that i have owned in the past here.

    I grew up listening to that overwhelming and addictive exhaust note of a Roadking, the heart stopping thump of a bullet, and the menacing growl of a RD350 that left me awestruck each time they passed by. As I pedaled to school in my Hero bicycle, I dreamt of owning one of these bikes someday!

    Time passed and when I started my career, I was influenced into buying an Ind Suzuki as my first bike. Reliable Japanese technology, lighter bikes, and most of all, fuel efficient! So much for dreaming about Roadking or an RD350. I had a love-hate relationship with my bike and it had everything but the charisma and the charm of a Roadking/RD350. I sold my bike when leaving to Singapore and that was the end of my biking interests until recently.

    A few months back I was passing by the Pro-Biking showroom when I first had a first look at the Ninja in flesh and blood. Boy I was mesmerized! I wanted to own one immediately, made the booking and got delivery in 4 days! Thus I became the proud owner of a Ninja 250R. It may be very different from my dream bikes but its got a charm of its own and it is a dream come true for the biker in me! Plus its got an awesome note at highier RPMs, not loud or menacing, but sweet!

    Coming to accessories, I have a LS2 Diamond lid, an Alpinestars Verona WP Jacket, Alpinestars SMX-2 riding gloves, and Fox knee and elbow guards.

    I am more of a tourer and all my trips have been in my car (Cedia sports). So I am very new to touring in bikes and taking baby steps towards long distance touring.

    Here are some pics of my ride n me:

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    Welcome! xBhp is greener now!
    Join xBhp On

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    Welcome To XBHP Mate. Have a pleasant stay!!
    "Four Wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul"

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    Welcome to xBhp & looking forward for your contribution on thread.

    Enjoy your stay!!!
    Skill is what keeps you on a Motorcycle
    Awareness + Skill is what keeps you out of harm's way
    ATGATT + Awareness + Skill means you might Live To Ride another day

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