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Thread: Tale of a Rider....

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    Thumbs up Tale of a Rider....

    Right from my childhood... i am more fascinated towards bikes and as a child i used to adore watching different bikes on the roads.

    Long Back, during my graduation in Bangalore... i have observed the passion of Banglorean's towards biking. Had loads of local friends who used to go on long rides. As a enthusiast...i used to join them frequently and that's when the biker in me has come out... A friend of mine who used to own a RX 100 understood my passion towards riding and allowed me to ride.... and he used to take the pillion seat...

    Since i was basically from AP, we both used to ride from Bangalore to Hyderabad on this RX 100 when ever there are holidays etc... like that BLR-HYD & HYD-BLR I would have done 60 - 70 times....sometimes with friends and some times - SOLO.

    one fine day, it was in 1998 18th Dec... during a daaru session with this friend, he casually asked me what do i want to do in future (after the studies). I told, of course; but told him after 1 - 2 yrs of work i would take a break for 2 months. Then he asked me WHY?.... I told him that i would like to ride to Khardungla... to buy a bike & for the ride expenses i would require money and to achieve this DrEaM i need to work and earn the money. After 5 mins of silence....he said. "Take my Bike, i will fund the Fuel (as much as possible) and rest of the cost is yours.... and one more would be doing it SoLo... as i am not interested"...

    I was worried...not able to take a call whether to accept (as i have never done a big ride solo) or decline (as my best friend is not accompanying me). I said "Bro... Give me some time...for making a day.... i started searching for part time jobs... so as to collect money for this trip. And trust me... first time i was so confident on myself after getting a part time job...

    Slogged my self very badly for the money.... and by the end of 1999 i was able to save 20 K for the trip. Told my friend about the plans and he have given the bike to me..... in Jul - Aug 2000; i have driven from Bangalore to Khardungla & back SOLO on a RX 100. I have not visited any other places due to funds shortage.... no knowledge of the places etc... Upon coming back... I have decided, i would like to buy a Bull... as i have seen lot of people using it & fell in love with the sound and the looks.

    Started working after coming back with a take home salary of Rs.950/- as stipend. Used to save 50% (as my company used to provide food & Bed) in 2001; bought a used Bull... Standard 350 . After this life changed...Now since i started earning.... started to plan for 1 more trip to Leh... with proper planning. Started buying the Gear.... JACKET, Gloves & Boots. My dad who already knew about my earlier trip got Pissed of with my plan, snatched the keys and given the bike & gear to his friends...

    Though i was against it.... i was furious on my dad and left the home saying that i would not come back... and after couple of months.. dad came to my work place (as we live in different cities) and said that he loves ma a lott and worried about me...hence out of anger he disposed my bull. He said he got me a bike which is very much latest and i would luv it...... Went to the parking lott and saw a brand new pulsar 180... though i was not happy with his desicion... i accepted it as i would not like to disappoint him.

    Years gone and after approx... 6 yrs... i got severe back pain and went to the doc... to know that i have 3 slipped discs due to which i am suffering a back pain. informed the same to dad... he came and sold out my bike and bought a car for me... and i started using car for my daily commute.... though i like driving, i used to feel like i am jailed in a cage through out the drive/commute... Since it was a health issue...i got no choice. Attended physiotheraphy & accupuncture... The doc who treated me is the best motivator... during the treatment... he used to tell me never resist to temptations... do what ever i like, but make sure there is no load on my back...

    Continued for about 2 months...there was a huge change. One fine day.. my Ex - Boss (Superb guy - done Leh on a pulsar in a week) called me from Delhi.. and asked me about my opinion on Continental GT which he liked a lot... and want to buy. After my feedback, that GT would not be comfortable for long rides... he said me to search for a old bullet STD. During the search for him; the devil inside me rejenuvated and without any knowledge of my family ... went to the showroom and bought a TBTS 500 (my dad don't know even now).

    After purchase... wanted to form my own Bull Club and wanted searching for like minded people. One fine day, i spoke to one of my colleague who works with me in the same company (in a different dept.) who owns a bull, shared my opinion... he said that he is already a part of IBRMC.

    I was demotivated.... as there is no response from any of them. I was feeling like i was left alone in this whole world and i am not successful in searching even a single like minded person... but then, i felt like i should not stop....

    I decided my Bull group to be named as - BULLET BRIGADE... Worked with couple of designer friends on logo design etc... They started working on the project...

    One fine day... was chatting with friends in the colony (where i stay); they also have Bulls (but they are Bull Owners - Not Riders). We decided to go to Srisailam....phew... i have got the group to start my Group, in 15 mins we planned and started the ride... but during my ride i realized (the way my friends were driving), i can not form a group with these guys as their driving was bad and absurd - - basically no quality of a bull riders... was lil disappointed and decided that i would not disclose my plan of forming a bull group with the fellow riders....and started to enjoy my drive... though we were a group physically... mentally i was alone.... but decided to enjoy each and every moment of my ride and not get distracted...

    Once back in the office after the ride...shared my experience about the trip and the fellow riders with my colleague. Than he said... bhai, you come to the breakfast meet this weekend... meet the gang; you will fall in love with the group... though not convinced, promised that i would come for the meet...

    The following weekend, it was the IBR - Hyd Chapter breakfast meet - followed by the photo shoot ride...

    As i was very excited about meeting the like minded people... didn't had proper sleep previous night... woke up at least 7-10 times in the night... i used to see the watch and go to bed... my wife asked me... "Y r u feeling so nervous... as if you are going on a 1st date?".... I said nothing.... and went to sleep..

    Next day morning.. got ready and started for the meet... was 10 mins before the schedule... at the ADDA... My friend was already there.... we both were chatting and after some time.... the GANG has arrived....

    I was not sure whether my fried have briefed the GANG about me or its the way these guys treat.... i was confused...

    Trust me Brothers... every one interacted with me as if i am not new... and we know each other from quite some time...

    TRUST ME GUYS.... Joining IBRMC - Hyd Chapter... is something special which has happened in my life...

    Met the Admins (Anil & Venkat); they are highly matured and the right choice of being the best captains for the ship (IBR - HYD).

    Though (i think) i am elder than them... started calling them ANNA (In Telugu - Elder Brother)... as they deserve the respect for the way they carry themselves... Than here comes one more best guy... Srikanth... after a small chat with him... felt like i should ride with him in future at any cost....

    After that, i met Phani, Ravi (best photographer - i ever met), Naveen, Rakesh (RAKU), Teja.... and lovely Sreejith... etc...

    Every time i meet a new guy... i feel every one is special and every one carries the same character --- of being a RIDER...

    Though i am couple of weeks old in IBR - Hyd; i feel like --- its a HONOR for me to be a part of this club.

    During a casual chat with Anil; i told him everything about my earlier plans and how i landed in IBRMC.... He told me only 1 thing... "Bro... you wanted to form ur club...just think that this is your club"......

    i was ZAPPED... felt lil emotional... but decided, that i would do my best to develop this group... and expand this brotherhood of BULLS...

    now... every week day i wait for the week end to come so that i can meet my second family... and spend good time with them...

    I am proud that i have made a right decision.... though i have not formed my own group... at the end of the day SUCCESSFUL in finding the like minded Brotherhood...

    Some pics of me during the ride with my 2nd family...
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    RuLe ThE RoAd ~ RiDe HaRd AnD RiDe SaFe

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    Default Re: Tale of a Rider....

    Tale of the rider approved!

    Welcome to xBhp! A very heart warming tale that is, took quite a while to read in full.

    Loved it totally except for few places where you have used SMS lingo. Avoid that bit on the forum!

    Lastly, happy to see you finally get along with likw minded matured people. Hope you enjoy your stay here as well. Welcome home!

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    Default Re: Tale of a Rider....

    Just Stunned !!!! My dad would be more happy if I don't return I guess for the troubles I have caused . Heart warming....
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    Default Re: Tale of a Rider....

    it was nice to read your intro. Welcome to xBHP.

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    Default Re: Tale of a Rider....

    Welcome to xBhp !

    Nice intro, a bit long though. ride safe and enjoy.

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    Default Re: Tale of a Rider....

    Hey Hi,

    Welcome to Xbhp

    It was nice to read your intro.
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    Default Re: Tale of a Rider....

    A "straight from the heart, purity" intro. Loved it.
    Welcome to xBhp.
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    Default Re: Tale of a Rider....

    Never seen an intro like this.
    Welcome to xbhp sir.

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