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Thread: Introduction!

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    Lightbulb Introduction!

    Hello All,
    My name is Rohit but pyar say log mujhey Rohit he kehtey hain.
    I am not a Veteran with the site though I have been riding for some 16 years now.
    My 1st Bike was Hero Ranger…0 bhp in the year 1991 when I was in my 9th Class.
    Riding has always been a passion but owing to the decency constrains of the site I would keep the talk limited to Bikes only…. (And you took it seriously??????)
    My first encounter with a Riding Machine was an Avanti autogear which was a 60 cc Moped in 1993.Soon After I bought a Bajaj Sunny in 1993 and after riding it for almost a year or so…I was gifted a Bajaj Priya (would use the word GIFT as I don’t know what else to say for that Scooter)
    1995 Saw the Rise of a Tourer in me, with me buying a LML NV spl. Believe me it was a devil on the roads and I could beat any bike…from Bullet to an RX ….I enjoyed my Rides on that GREEN HORNET.
    The scooter is still there but then with a passage of time I shifted over to driving a Car and with this the Grand Romance with Two Wheeler almost came to an end.
    Call it Luck of bad luck….I almost brushed past my Death in a Major Car accident on 29th April 2005. And My Car was ripped to its Soul.
    As I had NOTHING to DRIVE or RIDE…I Bought a Discover 125DTSi on 5th May 2005.And so reimmerged the Romance.
    I have always been a passionate rider so my very 1st ride on My stock/New discover was on 11th June 2005 to Ludhiana at Night with just 1100 kms on Odo and NO LICENSE PLATE. It was a quick Ride to and fro.
    I rode Discover for some 35000kms, Made all sort of Make-shift modifications on it, till I opted to buy a Pulsar.
    So on 28th Sep, 06 I bought a Pulsar 150DTSi.I rode Pulsar for the next 3 months or so but never got a chance to Ride it Far. Mean while I changed my Cars too, so eventually there was too less time for me to comply with my passion of riding a 2wheeler.
    And then it was May 2008, sipping over a Cup of Coffee, I asked a Friend…..Ladakh Chalta hai??? He looked at my face…giggled and said…kab chalna hai??
    Anyways, we went top Leh in June 2008 and after getting back from Leh, I Said…its time for me to say BYE to my Pulsar too.
    And Now I bought a Karizma R (this time it was a 2nd hand as I dint had too much to spend)
    So finally am here….On a Stock Karizma and enjoying the "WIND IN MY HAIR" (though now I have too less of them on my head…THANKS to Various Shampoos and POLLUTION and my SUTTEY bazi!)
    I came to know about this site thru DESI who was my office Pal that time…but it was only before my trip to Leh that I joined this Site and I Hopefully am a Daily visitor and More than OCCASION al contributor.
    So, rite now I am in Ludhiana working as BM for Modi Group.
    I own a 2006 SLXi Petrol Lancer and a 2007 Black Karizma R.
    I am more into Touring and traveling and absolutely NOT into any Drags or stunts. I love to DRIVE/RIDE at Night.
    Apart from this passion I am a bit inclined towards music too and would listen to almost anything on this Earth…From Reggae to pop, from Pundit Bhim Sen Joshi to KK to Lata Mangeshkar…but strictly no ANU MALIK and NO USHA UTTUPH…
    Guess that was it…
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    Its not about the BHP or the CC, its about one common religion called Biking!!!

    Save the Tigers! Only 1411 (excluding ME) are left!

    This is my entry in the blogging world!!

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    Introduction Approved.

    Welcome back dcs! search of that perfect world - My Travel Blog :)

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