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Thread: Hello to all xBhpians from Rakesh

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    Default Hello to all xBhpians from Rakesh

    hey guys, my name is Rakesh and I am a newbie here...well actually not coz I have been an active visitor in the forums for almost a year now. I visit Xbhp almost every single day and is quite familiar with frequent posters and moderators here. Now I guess am bit late to join the Xbhp family...and better late than never.
    Born and brought up in Trivandrum, I moved to Chennai in 2003 for my first job. Thats when my biking stint started - with a Bajaj boxer CT deluxe. I liked it for its simplicity and reliability (never gave a problem, just a flat tyre once), cheap maintenance and ofcourse the fuel efficiency. Those days I didn't even thought there will be online biking communities like Xbhp and I regret I missed it. I had to sell the bike 2 yrs back when I got an oppurtunity to work in US.
    Currenly I live in California where I work as IT consultant. I drive a Honda Civic these days, but what drives me is the dream to own a Yamaha FZ6 one day, when I have enuf moolah to buy a new one.
    I look forward to having a wonderful time as member of Xbhp, interacting with all of you sharing our dreams, thoughts and experiences.

    Thats Me old bike. dont even have good foto

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    Introduction Approved.

    Welcome to xBhp Rakesh. search of that perfect world - My Travel Blog :)

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