We all stay in the same city, time never let us to explore together but this time we paidelled a lot to make things happen.

Here comes d output of frustrated corporate professional, who plans everyday n fails everyday.

Finally the day has come, Last minute Mission Hatkot, Himachal Pradesh on bike in d mid winter was fixed ..

I never understood y always last moment plan clicks n proper studied plan fukz.

Days were counting, plan was on...

Cloned many Standards to convience a Christian friend for Xmas trip on wheels..

After many attempts, she was convinced.

Yes, now the team is up with 6 on wheels, one scientist Mr. Madrasi Maddy was waiting for ride in Dehradoon.

Shopping was way on n off, tickets were issued... Everyday plan was set. Woke up, office, shopping, dinner, YouTube n sleep.

More research..

Strategies were planned to get escape from cold wind n sneezing...

After week with loads of preparation, bags were packed, ready to get lost on wheels.

Excitement dropped us to Kashmiri gate @ 11:30.

Bus to Dehradoon...!

Early morning 4:30 step on Dehradoon road was mind blowing .. dark veil was emptying our energy, dogs were greeting.. scientist appeared..! Everyone was happy to see mad ass after long gap..

Fresh n up break was very short.. Disappointed but happy, as maddy is very punctual never let us enjoy the break.

Finally heard the best ever music of keys, bikes were calling us. Wearables were making up.. first selfy n ride started.

Mountain s were calling, curves were seducing our ride, Avengers / RE Himalaya /Vikrant were more aggressive and sometime misbehaving with breaks.. everything was going well unfortunate icy skid damaged one of our rider n Xmas gift..

Still the enthu n energy was on high, regained the confidence wid selfy.. again the curves ,hairpin bends, in-between off road were making our ride more enjoyable.

That tea break was most needed after 90 km ride. Yes, here comes the pack of fags out n asks lighter to boost it as both were waiting for my touch. I should appreciate both as they lost their lives for my short break, waaa. What a sacrify from non living things .. should learn ...

I was juz analysing the happiness again the maddy, Scientist spoiled everything n forced me to ride ... We rode n rode n rode till the sun sets n dark scares ..Planned destination was far away but bikes were tired , hands started shivering.. stopped at TUINI searched hotel, we hosted by river earshots. Dropped all stuffs den went for hunting snacks but d restaurant served so fastly dat we realized it's better to Skip the snacks plan n order the dinner .. food was amazing .. everyone stepped back towards room.

Rajai's were calling us, we went on to hug, cold weather was silently fell in love with us.. river hubbub was switching our sleep mode on. .. morning alarm appeal convinced our sleep n assembled d day plan ..

Woke up , fresh n up than helmet trig out our riding mode on. Again on wheels, reached destination, winning series of selfies.. back on seats. bike is full on fire .. rode back to Dehradoon with puncture in between , stop over at photoshoot point, some freaky poses with high on passion attitude.. everthing comes to end.. back to Doon safely, feeling proud for moments spent on bike.Name:  FB_IMG_1535905240213.jpg
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