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Thread: Kawasaki H2R revealed at Intermot

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    Default Kawasaki H2R revealed at Intermot

    The most awaited Motorcycle in the world is here ! The Kawasaki H2! Supercharged liquid cooled in line four 998 CC, with centrifugal scroll type supercharger designed to yield around 300 PS (!!) power. Designed to be ridden on tracks and not public roads. More details soon !

    Video of the launch of the Kawasaki H2R -

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    Default re: Kawasaki H2R revealed at Intermot

    Wow.Mind blowing!Bucket list updated,out goes the HP4,in comes the H2!

    And am guessing the H2R is the track tool and the H2,its road legal version?
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    Default Re: Kawasaki H2R revealed at Intermot

    When Kawasaki first conceived the Ninja H2R, the driving development concept was to offer the kind of acceleration no rider had experienced before.

    That a motorcycle be Fun to Ride is one of Kawasakis guiding principles. But while there are many ways for a motorcycle to be enjoyed, it was felt that having incredible acceleration was a major factor in delivering ultimate riding exhilaration.

    Powering the Ninja H2R is a supercharged engine with a design target of 300 PS allied to a compact design on par with power units found in supersport litre-class models. The key to achieving this incredible performance lies in the engines superchargera motorcycle-specific unit designed completely in-house with technology from other companies within the Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) Group: the Gas Turbine & Machinery Company, Aerospace Company and Corporate Technology Division.

    KHI Group technology was not limited to the supercharger. Advanced technological know-how shared from other group companies is found throughout the all-new engine and chassis design. For example, the carbon-fibre upper and lower wings that ensure stability when riding in the ultra-high speed range were designed with assistance from Kawasakis Aerospace Company. This is but one example, and this inter-group collaboration combined with the level of technology poured into this model is the reason the Kawasaki River Mark* is displayed prominently on the front of the Ninja H2R.

    When it came time to name this model, using Ninjaa name synonymous with Kawasaki performance and shared by many legendary models over three historic decades was an obvious choice. But this model is also named for another epoch-making model, whose 2-stroke 748.2 cm3 Triple gave it an intense acceleration that made it a sensation around the world: the Mach IV 750, also known as the H2. For a model designed to offer the kind of acceleration no rider has experienced before we can think of no better name.
    Built Beyond Belief. In 2014, Kawasaki is once again ready to unleash a new sensation upon the world.

    *The Kawasaki River Mark is a long-time symbol of the KHI Group dating back to the 1870s. As a policy, its use on products is rare and limited to models with historical significance. But for the Ninja H2R permission to use this symbol was granted.


    Never-before-experienced Acceleration
    In order to be able to offer intense acceleration and a top speed in a range that most riders never have a chance to experience, it was essential that the engine be able to produce big power. While a large-displacement engine could easily provide a high engine output, to ensure a lightweight, compact overall package a compact engine was also desired. Using a supercharged engineessentially enabling a high-performance engine to be downsizedallowed both of these engine design requirements to be met: maximum power output has been targeted at 300 PS, and the engine size of the 998 cm3 In-Line Four is on par with other supersport litre-class power units.

    In-house-designed Supercharger
    The supercharger used in the Ninja H2R was designed by Kawasaki motorcycle engine designers with assistance from other companies within the KHI Group, namely the Gas Turbine & Machinery Company, Aerospace Company, and the Corporate Technology Division. Designing the supercharger in-house allowed it to be developed to perfectly match the engine characteristics of the Ninja H2R. The highly efficient, motorcycle-specific supercharger was the key to achieving the maximum power and the intense acceleration that engineers wanted to offer.

    Chassis Design
    The objectives for the Ninja H2Rs chassis were to ensure supreme stability at ultra-high speeds, offer cornering performance to be able to enjoy riding on a closed course, and finally to have a highly accommodating character. Ordinarily, high-speed stability can easily be achieved with a long wheelbase, but a shorter wheelbase was selected to achieve the compact overall package and sharp handling that were also desired. The frame needed not only to be stiff, but also to be able to absorb external disturbanceswhich, when encountered while riding in the ultra-high speed range, could easily unsettle a lesser chassis. A new trellis frame developed using the latest analysis technology provided both the strength to harness the incredible power of the supercharged engine, and the balanced flex to ensure the stability and feedback for high-speed riding.

    As speed increases, wind resistance increases exponentially. To be able to operate in the ultra-high speed range, a combination of high power and slippery aerodynamics is needed. With power requirements taken care of by the supercharged engine, the next step was to design bodywork that both minimised drag and ensured control when riding at ultra-high speed. Assistance from Kawasakis Aerospace Company was enlisted in creating the aerodynamically sculpted bodywork to ensure maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

    Intense-Force Design & Craftsmanship
    Wanting to ensure a bold design worthy of a model that carried both the Ninja and H2 names, the prime styling concept chosen for the Ninja H2R was Intense Force Design. As a flagship for the Kawasaki brand, it required presence, and a styling that reflected its incredible performance. But the design is much more than cosmetic. While it certainly looks the part, the Ninja H2R also possesses a functional beauty: each piece of its bodywork was aerodynamically sculpted to ensure stability at ultra-high speeds; the cowling design also maximises cooling performance and heat dissipation, aiding in achieving the engines roughly 300 PS output; and the Ram Air duct is ideally positioned to bring fresh air to the supercharger. More than any motorcycle Kawasaki has built to date, the Ninja H2R is a showcase of craftsmanship, build quality and superb fit and finishright down to the high-tech mirrored-finish black chrome paint specially developed for this model.


    Ninja H2R
    Engine Type Supercharged liquid-cooled In-Line Four
    Displacement 998 cm3
    Supercharger Type Centrifugal, scroll-type
    Maximum Power Design target 300 PS
    Frame Type Trellis, high-tensile steel
    Tyres F: 120/600R17 (racing slick tyre)
    R: 190/650R17 (racing slick tyre)

    1. The Ninja H2R is a closed-course model; it may not be ridden on public roads.
    2. The street model (Ninja H2) will be released at EICMA.

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    Default Re: Kawasaki H2R revealed at Intermot

    I don't think I have ever seen anything this intense... I think I know what I will buy in a couple of years...

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    Default Re: Kawasaki H2R revealed at Intermot

    Damm! this thing will over kill all existing machines, nothing is close to 300PS, its looking hell sexy
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    Default Re: Kawasaki H2R revealed at Intermot

    The Kawasaki H2R -

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    Default h2 video format

    (Been There Done That) x 3.25

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    Default Re: h2 video format

    Now thats one hell of a bike, I wonder how many land speed records are going to be broken on this one.

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    Default Re: h2 video format

    nice pics, killer machine.

    what about performance figures, acceleration times, top speed etc.

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    Default Re: h2 video format

    Since the 300PS bike is only track legal and the street legal bike will be capped at 200hp as per sources, i wonder how many tyre changes would be necessary or how many laps of a circuit would one take before coming in for a tyre change
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