Sunday the 17th of July saw xBhpians of Delhi gathering together for our annual Get Together (G2G) to celebrate the anniversary of our beloved motorcycling community. The number 13 is normally considered unlucky, but for us it wasnt. We are extremely lucky to be part of an ever-growing community across the country with wonderful xBhpians everywhere to inspire and help.

After G2Gs held in various parts of India from Assam to Kerala, it was the turn of the capital of the country. Delhi xBhpians started trickling in at our favourite haunt, the xBhp Dhaba by 630AM. xBhps anniversary rides are in the middle of the monsoons, but that isnt too much of a problem in a place like Delhi. Monsoons here are a light drizzle for 5 minutes at its worst! As planned, after congregating at the Dhaba, a small ride ensued, where everyone lined up two abreast and rode in formation. We were headed to the Gurgaon-Faridabad Highway or the GFR as it is better known, one of the few empty stretches of tarmac we can get here!

After a short spin to the GFR toll, where we had a photo session as well, it was time to turn back to the place from where we started. A 40 odd kilometre ride was what the doctor (no reference to Valentino Rossi intended!) ordered. We were lucky to get just a few drops of rain during the ride, but everyone was cold and hungry by the time we returned to the xBhp Dhaba. It was time to cut the cake which had 13 candles on it. The underseat exhaust of the Benelli 899 was perfect to blow out the candles on the cake. Luckily the entire cake didnt blow away as well! Everyone piled onto the cake and enjoyed it, thanks to Puneet aka Roger for bringing us the delicious cake.

After the cake it was time for some nice hot tea and spicy paranthas. The weather was perfect for good piping hot food and bikers are forever hungry in any case! It was time to head back home after a fun filled morning, seeing new faces and old. Meeting friends and biking family. But one last thing needed to be done and that was catching all the oldest xBhpians at random and giving them birthday bumps!

Everyone who attended will long remember our first teen anniversary!