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Enter the Falcon: Say hello to the Black Mirror Hayabusa!

1,340CC 188BHP 150NM

Most of you may know that we recently inducted the new Suzuki Hayabusa in the xBhp garage. Now, being a part of the xBhp garage means that it could not stay in its stock trim. At least visually… for now. So when we were pondering over the theme that we should follow to design our new Busa, we stumbled upon Black Mirror. And as a concept, as an idea, we could not have chosen anything more apt. 

Black Mirror is a term that refers to the dark side of technology. When it malfunctions or when it is used for malpractices. But ever since the Netflix show came out with the same name, it has become a common term. In more relatable terms and as a visual example; it refers to the screen of your computer or your smartphone when it is shut off accidentally or unwillingly and you can see your reflection in it. Philosophically, it gives you a chance to rethink your life and how you see yourself. 

Ultimately, it all boils down to technology. It can make you or break you. And technology is what takes centre stage when it comes to the difference between the 2nd-Gen and the 3rd-Gen Hayabusa. See what we meant when we said we couldn’t think of a theme more apt? Also, our Black Mirror Hayabusa was inspired by our Ninja H2 as well. Having these two machines together in any garage is a momentous occasion. We are sure Michio Suzuki and Kawasaki Shōzō will be drinking to this in the heavens. 

The new Suzuki Hayabusa is loaded with modern tech; on both electronic and mechanical fronts. The engine is now Euro5 and BS6 compliant. It has new and lighter engine components, a slip-and-assist clutch, a bi-drectional quickshifter, and a larger airbox. All of this results in a motorcycle that offers a better low and mid-range grunt, smooth power delivery, and a more linear power curve, ultimately making the new Suzuki Hayabusa more usable in the real world. 

There have been massive advancements in the electronics department as well. The new Suzuki Hayabusa features S.I.R.S. which stands for Suzuki Intelligent Ride System. With the 6-axis IMU, it gets cornering ABS, ride-by-wire, and riding modes with the SDMS or Suzuki Drive Mode Selector. In addition to user-defined modes, you get Active, Basic, and Comfort modes (A, B, and C) that can be fine-tuned further with the desired levels of power and traction control which offers 10 levels to choose from. 

Diving deeper into the ocean of electronics that now tailor the new Busa to your riding style, you also get wheelie control, engine braking control, emergency stop system, launch control, cruise control, anti-lift control, and an active speed limiter. While the new Suzuki Hayabusa retains the analogue speedometer and rev counter, it also gets a new TFT analogue console which can be used to alter the ride settings using the controls on the left side of the handlebar. Also, the lighting on the new Suzuki Hayabusa is now all-LED. 

The Busa was always meant to go fast and it cannot be done with its almighty engine alone. The Suzuki Hayabusa was born and bred in a wind tunnel and so, it features perhaps the best drag coefficients ever achieved on a street-legal motorcycle. Finally, something that goes fast must stop quickly too and aiding that are the new Brembo Stylema brakes. 

As you know by now, the new Suzuki Hayabusa houses a whole lot of techno-wizardry. Here’s another little pointer to the Black Mirror theme. If the dark side of tech takes over when it comes to your smartphone, you may lose some data. But here, if any link in that chain of tech breaks, you could lose your life. 

Anyway, let us get back to the Busa then. Like millions of other people, we too were enamoured by the Hayabusa when we first saw one in 2003. There’s just something about this motorcycle, an inexplicably magnetic aura that resonates with our deepest desires as a motorcyclist and who we want to be. It has this ability to become an extension of our bodies and minds. It is almost like the nerves in our body and the wires of the Hayabusa intertwine in another dimension (we’ll call it motospace) giving rise to the perfect Motosapien. That is how natural and accommodating it feels. 

Fast as a falcon, sturdy as a rock as the ocean of time, space, humanity and machines flow past and around us. It derives its name from the fastest creature on Planet Earth. It tugs at us on a subliminal level bathing our brain in a cauldron of dopamine and a hope that we will be able to escape the world’s ills and prejudices. If that was too philosophical, let us say this; a dog is not the only best friend to human’s, a motorcycle like the Suzuki Hayabusa is also that. 

And despite showering all kinds of praises upon the Suzuki Hayabusa the best one that describes it is- a reliable and powerful ally that can take you across continents and outrun most machines on the planet with elan and grace. 

We had the privilege of owning the 2nd-Gen Hayabusa as well which was more or less barebones on the electronics. But the thing that has remained constant with the Hayabusa, regardless of the generation, is responsibility. The responsibility that comes with piloting a motorcycle like this. It is one of the most deceptive machines because, with its smoothness and stability, it distorts your perception of Speed. 

Moreover, the Black Mirror concept accentuates the fact that you can look at your own reflection on the bike once you get off it and look at it, much like when you switch off your phone screen. It also reminds you that a lot of the bike is now dependent on the electrons flowing through the plethora of its wires allowing the various systems to sync and react in perfect harmony- from the riding modes to the quick shifter to the fuel injection system sprinkling processed black gold while the crank rotates furiously. Even the slightest failure in any of these could result in a catastrophe- again making one think about sensible use of technology. 

At any rate, we are sure that the new Suzuki Hayabusa will be the protagonist of many of our upcoming adventures. So enjoy the Black Mirror Hayabusa for now and be ready for a lot more that’s coming your way! 

P.s. Before bidding adieu to our 2nd-Gen Busa after 6 years of owning it, we got that one done in Black Chrome as well. Here’s a picture of it.