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#xBhpMeetupUnited is coming to #Guwahati See You all on Sunday!
Any Bike | Any Biker

Meetup Date :: 5th of December, 2021
Gathering Point :: Guwahati Club
Gathering Time :: 7 AM
Snacks and water on the house at the meetup point.

Meetup powered by @ktm_india
#xBhp #KTM #Meetup #xBhpFamily

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Guess The Bike!
Hint: Torque monster of the old days and an example of how terrifyingly good a V4 can be.

#talktoxBhp #xBhp #GuessTheBike

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#xBhpMeetupUnited 2021 Guwahati Edition - Any Bike, Any Biker! Register Now! To be a part of the meetup... (Link in Bio)

As bikers we just can't stay away for long without meeting our fellow bikers. With that, #xBhp has yet again planned to meet our biker buddies in various cities. Where anyone and any bike is invited! However due to certain restrictions, the attendance will be limited to invites only, hence, please register on the above link for your city meets.

City : 📍 Guwahati
Date: 5th Dec, 2021 (Sunday)
Time: 6:30 A.M. to 9:30 A.M.

Please register to get your invite with the other meet details
The meets are powered by #KTM @ktm_india


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Here's all the good stuff from @mayurmahanta ride where he used Bajaj Dominar 250's sports-touring cred to the fullest as he explored the best of Northeast.
The @BajajDominar 250 boasts of ample power, smooth delivery, great ergonomics, and stellar handling; things that one needs when touring in the Northeast. All of that enabled Mayur to show everyone how #LifeBeginsAt250. @250ccproleague

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What would you choose! Single color or colorful ? #xBhp #xBhpFamily #talktoxBhp ...

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