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#xBhpMeetupUnited 2021 Mumbai Edition - Any Bike, Any Biker! Register Now! To be a part of the meetup... (link in bio)

As bikers we just can't stay away for long without meeting our fellow bikers. With that, #xBhp has yet again planned to meet our biker buddies in various cities. Where anyone and any bike is invited! However due to certain restrictions, the attendance will be limited to invites only, hence, please register on the above link for your city meets.

City : 📍Mumbai
Date: 25th Sept, 2021 (Saturday)
Time: 6:30 A.M. to 9:30 A.M.

Please register to get your invite with the other meet details

The meets are powered by #KTM @ktm_india


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In #Collaboration with @castrolbiking . No name other than the one suggested by @capriborn__ can be more apt for the Hayabusa. It is mostly because of the fact that despite the Hayabusa being a hyper bike and all that, it really is 'The Peaceful Ones' which is embodied by the name 'Shiloh'. Great job and congratulations to our winner who will be receiving an Ultimate Gift Box from #CastrolPOWER1 Ultimate. ...

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#xBhpMeetupUnited Chennai!
See You Tomorrow! Any Bike Any Biker can Join!
Meetup Date :: 19th September,2021 (Sunday)
Meetup Time :: 6:30 Am
Gathering Point :: Uthandi Toll
Leaving time :: 7:15 Am
Destination :: KTM Annasalai Showroom. @ktm_annasalai
Reaching time at the destination :: 8:00 Am
Meetup and activity at the destination :: 8:00 Am to 9:30 Am

Snacks and Water on the house at the meetup point
Meetup Powered by @ktm_india
#xBhp #KTM #Meetup #xBhpFamily

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Guess the bike! #talktoxBhp
Hint: Latest and in all likelihood... the 'greatest'.

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In Hindu mythology, Lord Vishwakarma is considered to be the divine architect and his birthday is celebrated as #VishwakarmaPujaDay .To pay respect to him, this day is celebrated by artisans, craftsmen, architects, factory workers etc as they worship their tools and machines. This day has a special meaning for us too as we also rely on machines for whatever we do and for us, the machines are motorcycles. For that reason, we also celebrate this day by getting a Puja done. #xBhp #xBhpFamily #FestivalOfTheDay #vishwakarmapuja ...

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Our Apache RR310 Named by you!
Among the many fantastic names suggested by you guys for our #18YearsOfxBhp TVS Apache RR 310, this one is the most suitable by far! APEX is not only suitable because of the RR 310's track cred but the reasoning by @te.jazz is spot on too! Congratulations and you'll be getting your copy of the #xBhpPrintMagazine soon at your doorstep. #xBhp #xBhpFamily #18yearsOfxBhp
@tvsmotorcompany @tvsapacheseries @tvsracing_official

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Guess the bike! #talktoxBhp
Hint : Visit

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