xBhp : The Nation of Bikers, by Bikers, for Bikers

xBhp is India’s largest & most popular motorcycling platform since 2002! Below we take a ride on the highway of history of xBhp since it was conceived. Please take a moment to appreciate what xBhp has done for the motorcycling fraternity of India so far.

Change is the only constant. Especially when it is about an incessantly evolving and growing concept. A tiny seed named xBhp was planted a decade ago on the ‘yet-not-so-fertile’ internet. A shared passion for two wheels nurtured it to germination and the fragile sapling took root. It was only natural for it to grow and flourish into a strong promising tree considering the massive tide of shared love for two wheels that nourishes it ceaselessly.

xBhp, an acronym for ‘x’ amount of Braking Horse-Power and where ‘x’ could be any value between zero to infinity, signifying any two wheeler from a bicycle to the most powerful motorcycles. It started out as a single page website in 2001 and now stands proud as the country’s biggest on-line motorcycling club with an ever-growing brotherhood of 60,000+ members. Today it is an ever-expanding nation of bikers where knowledge, skills and curiosity reign supreme, way above differences in age, social background, financial standing, religious beliefs and even nationalities. A great and exceptional unifying force that forges bonds beyond boundaries and borders. The on-line activities have been interspersed with massive rides not just encompassing India but doing so in many nations across the globe. Add to that several pan-nation contests in association with several major global brands, contests that bring out the best of the talent in terms of riding skills, blogging abilities, photographic excellence and selfless sharing.

Year 2010 saw the coming of the xBhp magazine, the entities’ firm and decisive step into the print media world. Riding astride the ‘i The Biker’ concept, the magazine is focused on projecting and promoting safe and sane motorcycling not just as a life style but also as a life-choice by itself. It derives its content directly from those who it is destined for – the biker within. The vision being to make its reader not just a better-informed biker but a truly better biker. The magazine has got informal accolades from eminent personalities around the world for its quality and ethos.

It is 2015 and xBhp’s on-line avatar acquires a new spirit, changing forever its manner of interaction with its followers. The knowledge within is more easily sharable, the interface unlike any other clubs’ globally. And it rests not just on past laurels but forges ahead as resolute as ever. The future of this make-over beholds much more powerful and meaningful content, both on-line and off-line.

More than a decade has passed by, the unspeaking clock and calendar witness to millions of conversations, hundreds of thousands of shared miles, uncountable friendships, moments of togetherness beyond measure and the limitless depths of knowing and knowledge. xBhp has walked this timeline these 12 years, arms akimbo and welcoming you all in an embrace that oozed the oneness of brotherhood. xBhp is not an entity, it is an experience to be experienced. Welcome to the ride…