MotoVilla: India’s coolest motorcycling workplace!

xBhp has always been about motorcycles but motorcycling means freedom and not shackles. So we have explored all the other avenues that we could but motorcycling always remained the axis of what we do. The MotoVilla project though is something else entirely. It is like everything we know, everything we learned during the process of building it, everything that there was to know up to this point, came together to give rise to one of our longest-running and grandest projects ever. 

So what is MotoVilla? A mancave? A living place? An office? A dream garage? A gaming place? A library? A museum? The birthplace of great ideas and roadtrips? Or the coolest place in India if you love gadgets? If we have to be honest, it is all of that and so much more. More than anything, it is a dream. A dream that has come true and yet remains a dream because it’ll keep evolving and growing. 

Building the MotoVilla, we have come to know and learn so much about so much that can be done nowadays. There is so much technology that makes the MotoVilla the living-breathing entity it has become but without the human touch, it is still just brick and mortar. 

So without further ado, we present to you, the MotoVilla. 


While it is the material that still holds value, the packaging matters too. And that is why we had to ensure that the MotoVilla stood out and shined not only on the inside but on the outside too. It surely stands out but it shines too, quite literally. The tasteful use of light and acrylic is what led to the creation of the entrance to the now-sacred-to-us MotoVilla. 


While the insides of the MotoVilla are nothing to be scoffed at if we are humble, humans cannot go without fresh air every once in a while. Being motorcyclists, this applies even more so to us and therefore, it was important to have a place where we could catch some sun in the day and stargaze at night. Moreover, considering how the locale is, it would be a good place to just kick it for a bit. 


Just back from a ride? Leave your keys there, hang your gear out and just relax. Fancy tea or coffee? That is what the MotoCafe is all about. Situated right at the entrance of the MotoVilla, this is the place to sit and relax and get ready for the grand tour that the MotoVilla is. Be it discussing your favourite motorcycles over a coffee or admiring the view, MotoCafe is where you do it from. 


Remember the tea or coffee we talked about? While they are crucial, just those will be painfully inadequate for survival. And therefore, let us welcome you to the MotoKitchen. With its own cryo-chamber from LG to keep things cool, this is the place where the tea, coffee and all the accompaniments take shape… or are beaten into shape. Loaded with all the amenities needed, the MotoKitchen is where we draw our energy from. 


A crude rendition of this place or better yet, a prototype of this place existed already at the old xBhp HQ. The MotoCave is the final version, though with many future updates and additions. From being the place to encompass all our pop-culture inclinations to housing some of the best machines to the xBhp Garage, the MotoCave is now something that dreams are made of, complete with a working setup that ‘renders’ so many of our dreams into reality. Do not forget to take the blessings of the life-sized Iron Man statue before you leave! 


A healthy mind resides in a healthy body and motorcycling needs both. And that is why the last stop of Level 00 of the MotoVilla is the MotoGym. Laden with inspiration in the form of the great Arnold Schwarzenegger and wonderful equipment from Flexnest, this place is all you need to get some blood pumping and build some riding health. From compound exercises for strength to cardio, the equipment from Flexnest has everything you need for a healthy lifestyle. 


Moving up to Level 01 of the MotoVilla, we have the MotoLounge to greet us. Equipped with the BenQ V6000 short-throw laser projector complete with an ALR screen, the MotoLounge is the perfect place to sit back and watch the best content you can conjure up in the quality and environment it deserves to be consumed in. A beautiful lighting setup from HomeMate also goes a long way in creating an ambience that is worthy of a place like this. 


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and we can all relate to Jack. That is why MotoVilla had to have an arcade where we could have some fun in the virtual world too. Equipped with CyberApache, one of the fastest gaming computers you can build today and a fantastic LG OLED TV to render it all in beautiful colour and detail, there is not much else one can ask for from a gaming room. Not to mention the racing wheel we have mounted on the Next Level Racing rig! 


Knowledge is what makes a man and defines a man and books are one of the best mediums to impart or gain knowledge. So, it was inevitable that the MotoVilla would also house a fully functional library that would house not only every issue of the xBhp Print Magazine ever printed, but also some of the best automotive and travel books, comics, and some timeless classics from Amar Chitra Katha. 


A room for some discussion, some banter, some light work, and some light fun- MotoDen is the perennial place for just kicking back and dreaming up the ideas that we work towards to make them into a reality. Perhaps the place where the idea of MotoVilla was conceived was something similar… But the MotoDen dials everything to 11 with comfy convertibles and recliners from Sleepyhead. 


Time to go up to Level 02. All the Gear, All the Time has been the motto of xBhp for as long as we can remember and it will remain that way because motorcycling is not complete without riding gears. And since MotoVilla is a motorcycling place at its core, it had to have a dedicated room for the riding gears. From bags to jackets to helmets to boots and from leather to textile and everything in between- MotoGears is the room where it all resides. 


Rest and sleep are of paramount importance and since the MotoVilla is a living space too, the MotoPod is where all of the day’s work, all the ideas, all the concepts, and everything else retires to sleep to get ready for the next day. Decorated with some of the most beautiful pictures ever taken by xBhp along with a TV from LG that could pass off as a painting, the MotoPod is as peaceful as one could ask for. 


Motorcycling and photography have always gone hand in hand for xBhp. So it is no surprise that the MotoVilla is also home to the MotoGallery. Beautifully crafted portraits of some of xBhp’s most beautiful and prominent moments, moments that we immortalized through the lenses of our cameras. Every moment has a story to tell and when they come together, they carve the story of xBhp on the canvas called the MotoGallery. 



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