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Translating its success as an online community and with the express purpose of providing the Indian motorcycling milieu a larger, more concrete and stronger platform in the print media, xBhp launched a bi-monthly magazine on September 27, 2010, starting with its October 2010 inaugural issue. The magazine has been created around the theme ‘I, the Biker’ and puts the motorcyclist ahead of the motorcycle in context. This magazine has evolved from a long process of development and focuses on elevating motorcycling from a necessity driven activity to a lifestyle choice. It provides content that puts forth motorcycling in its full wholesome avatar and delves into travel on bikes, safe riding practices and emphasizing that motorcycling is as much a cerebral activity as it is a physical one. The xBhp magazine is a print analogue to a democratic tool that’s for, by and about the Indian motorcyclist.

For the motorcycling community of India, this magazine is a means of spreading its message of safe, responsible and fun motorcycling. With the ultimate aim of truly globalizing the Indian motorcyclist, xBhp has taken this small step in the print world. A step that we firmly believe will turn out to be a giant leap for the entire two-wheeler fraternity of this nation. The key differentiators of this magazine will be its focus on people, travel on motorcycles, high quality of photos, minimum syndicated content and most importantly the flavour of freedom and youth.

October – November 2019 Issue

Content Highlights:

In this issue of the xBhp magazine, we are celebrating the 9th anniversary of India’s only lifestyle motorcycling magazine. And the celebrations include the making and the launch of xBhp’s music video, xBhpRR: Rap Replica, where we tell the world what motorcycles mean to us motorcyclists through a rap song. In addition to that, we also bring to you the detailed coverage of how the 1300 HotWheels xBhp Hayabusa came about! 

But the celebration does not stop there. This special issue also brings to you the xBhp PowerTour 2019 where we drove 14 supercars, 7 superbikes, and 1 superTrike in 3 different countries around the world. From the most powerful car that we have ever driven to the quickest car on the planet, the xBhp PowerTour 2019 has got it all.

You can buy the xBhp magazine from hundreds of newsstands, airports, railway stations and bookshops around India. You can also procure its digital edition on Apple Newsstand or for your Android Device! You can also order the magazine right at your doorstep!