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xBhp is India's largest & most popular motorcycling platform since 2002! It started out as a single page website in 2001 and now stands proud as the countrys biggest online motorcycling club with an ever-growing brotherhood of 70,000+ members. Today it is an ever-expanding nation of bikers where knowledge, skills and curiosity reign supreme.

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  • - And if you are facing any issues with your existing bike or you are looking to buy a new bike and want help in selecting the best bike for you - help is just a post away on xBhp - check out the 'Help Me' or 'What Bike' sections.
  • - You can share the story of your relationship with your motorcycle with thousands of fellow bikers who own the same motorcycle in our 'Motorcycle Ownership Experiences' section
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  • - And you can also read the latest reviews of two-wheelers in India in the 'Review' section.
  • - There is lot more! And in case you have any more queries or concerns related to xBhp, feel free to drop in a message at [email protected]

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