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xBhp EkSaath Tour

The #xBhpEkSaath Tour of India will be our first Virtual Tour of India, ever! Since 2006, xBhp has been circumnavigating India on motorcycles of all capacities and makes to meet thousands of xBhpians and motorcyclists, in general, all over India, truly transcending the digital and real-world boundaries.

In 2006, we did The Great Indian Roadtrip powered by Castrol POWER1, which saw, amongst scooters, a thoroughbred 1000CC racing bike circumnavigate India. This was our first pan India roadtrip connecting online forum members offline.

The Great Indian Roadtrip

In 2009, we again went around India, but this time on two 1000CC bikes. It was called the Castrol POWER1 Passion Hunt, which saw us giveaway perhaps the most expensive prize in the history of motoring in India, a Yamaha R1!

Castrol POWER1 Passion Hunt

The year 2012 saw us ride India once again on an assortment of motorcycles including a 1000CC naked. The trip was christened as The Grand Indian Roadtrip, as it was bigger and grander than our first one in 2006! Castrol POWER1 again enabled this for us. The Grand Indian Roadtrip

The year 2014 saw us go around India to create our first TV series in association with History TV18 and OLX. That saw us create a larger than a lifesize sculpture of a motorcycle with vintage parts bought from OLX.
xBhp Olx The Great India Collectors' Ride

In 2015, we did the #thankYouRide, which saw us ride almost 10000 kms around India as a small gesture of saying thanks to the people who supported us and helped the motorcycling community grow.

The year 2016 saw us do #theO2Ride in which we combined Octaves and Octane (Music and Motoring).

Then, 2018 saw us to our biggest ride so far, an ambitious project called #roadtripUnited, in which we went around India, meeting close to 8000 bikers and over 300 motorcycling clubs in a big to further strengthen the core message of xBhp: Any bike, Anyone! Castrol POWER1 helped us further solidify our message by powering this roadtrip for us.

To know more about all the major events and roadtrips in the xBhp history, you can visit here:

Come 2020 and the world has been given a wake-up call unlike no other. For the first time in our generation, the whole planet has been united in a fight against an almost invisible enemy – a virus. For the first time, we are unable to ride on the roads. However what could be a better occasion than the #17YearsOfxBhp to do a virtual ride around India! On the #xBhpEkSaath (17) tour, we will see our first virtual meet on 4th of July 2020. This will involve sixteen people from Delhi-NCR who will discuss on a topic pertaining to motorcycling and will start the 17th Anniversary Celebrations for xBhp. You can view and interact with each of the virtual meets live online on xBhp Facebook, xBhp Instagram, and xBhp Twitter. We will try and answer your questions and comments as we go along. Here is our trip schedule:

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City Date Time
Delhi July 4 8:30 PM
Agra/Lucknow July 5 8:30 PM
Asansol/Burdwan July 7 Evening
Siliguri/Kol/BBSR July 9 Evening
Vizag/HYD/Chennai July 11 Evening
TVM/Kochi July 12 Evening
Coim/BLR/Krishnagiri July 14 Evening
Pune/Mumbai July 16 Evening
Surat/AMD/Vadodara July 18 Evening
Jaipur/Indore/Raipur July 19 Evening
Northeast July 21 Evening

 xBhp #EkSaathTour | Delhi Meet| 4th of July, 2020 | 8:30 PM

The first stop for the xBhp #EkSaathTour was Delhi where we got an opportunity to talk to the motorcyclists of Delhi and their opinion of how motorcycling has grown over the years. The participants for Delhi Meet are shown below, followed by the video.

Delhi Meet :: #xBhpEkSaath Virtual Tour of India

The #xBhpEkSaath Virtual tour of India to celebrate #17yearsOfxBhp will kick start from Delhi tomorrow at 8.30 PM LIVE ! from @xbhp Facebook, Instagram, twitter and YouTube

Posted by xBhp on Saturday, 4 July 2020


xBhp #EkSaathTour | Agra-Lucknow Meet| 5th of July, 2020 | 8:30 PM

The next stop was the Agra-Lucknow Meet which took place on the 5th of July, 2020. Here are the participants, followed by the video where we discussed if the automotive history of a country contributes to its heritage.

AGRA / LUCKNOW MEET :: #xBhpEkSaath Tour of India

The #xBhpEkSaath Virtual tour of India to celebrate #17yearsOfxBhp has been kickstarted with the city of Delhi and today we have reached second stop Agra/Lucknow ! Here is what our participants had to share about how automotive industry of a country contributes to its heritage. For more details visit : https://bit.ly/xBhpEkSaathTour

Posted by xBhp on Sunday, 5 July 2020