xBhp Timeline

This is the story of xBhp, from birth till date, from being a single-page website in 2002 to being the biggest and the most popular motorcycling platform with a print magazine, and an offline community of bikers spread all over the country and even beyond the country.


August 2002: A single-page website is launched, taking up a few bytes on the internet. xBhp was born as BajajPulsar.com, a website dedicated to its founder’s newfound-love, the Pulsar 180 Classic.


March 2003: The first meet of bikers happens with four bikes in Delhi. The term G2G (Get-to-Gether) is coined.


June 2003: That one-page gains immense popularity in no time and is rechristened as *xBhp.com*, which meant ‘x’ amount of Brake House Power, where ‘x’ is an algebraic variable.


January 2004: The word spread and xBhp soon got 1000 online members celebration get-together in Delhi.


January 2005: The number of online registered members soon reached 5000+ by January 2005.


February 2005: xBhp is unable to sustain because of increasing traffic and because of zero income for its founder who had other professional commitments.


April 2005: Castrol POWER1 comes forward and sponsors xBhp, ensuring its continuity.


June 2005: The 10,000 online registered member mark was breached.


August 2006: A trendsetting 108 days, 14,000 kms pan-India roadtrip on a 1000 cc superbike accompanied by 2 scooters and a 250 cc street bike. Also the first time anyone circumnavigated India on a litre class racing bike. You can visit xBhp.com/roadtrips to know more about all the roadtrips by xBhp.


October 2007: Determined to take Indian motorcycling to the next level, even beyond India, xBhp set out to do a roadtrip abroad. The chosen country was Australia, all of 22,000kms on two sports bikes. It was first for any Indian motorcycling community to do such a roadtrip. You can visit xBhp.com/roadtrips to know more about all the roadtrips by xBhp.


August 2008: In August 2008, the xBhp server crashed or was hacked, a fact that we still don’t know. All data was gone. The backups were corrupted. Seven years of activity wiped out.


October 2008: With a lot of resolve and a heavy heart, xBhp.com was resurrected a month later. Starting from scratch. Only one thing constant was the name


March 2009: This roadtrip was done to select ‘ The Most Passionate Biker in India’ for Castrol POWER1 on 2 Yamaha R1’s and a Yamaha R15. It was an event executed with a pan India 13,000 kms roadtrip. The ultimate prize of the contest was a Yamaha R1 superbike worth INR 11 lakh at that time, the costliest prize in the history of Indian motorsports till that time! You can visit xBhp.com/roadtrips to know more about all the roadtrips by xBhp.


June 2010: One of the most striking countries in the world to do a roadtrip on, and that too on two Ducatis!  You can visit xBhp.com/roadtrips to know more about all the roadtrips by xBhp.


October 2010: xBhp launches a print magazine, which every Indian motorcyclist could be proud of. The magazine has been created around the theme ‘I, the Biker’ and puts the motorcyclist ahead of the motorcycle in context.  You can order the xBhp magazines online from xBhp.com/shop


November 2010: xBhp sets out on an 8-city tour across India on 8 Ducati Monsters brought from Italy just for this ride, to promote the Videocon Ducati Edition mobile phones. You can visit xBhp.com/roadtrips to know more about all the roadtrips by xBhp.


August 2011: 8000 kms in the USA on two of the world’s most advanced machines, a Mercedes AMG CLS63 and a Ducati Diavel. You can visit xBhp.com/roadtrips to know more about all the roadtrips by xBhp.


August 2011: We rode from Los Angeles to New York in the United States on the mothership, BMW Motorrad #K1600GTL, including riding on the iconic #Route66. The Route 66 was also known as the Mother Highway in US. Please visit here to read the full travelogue.


September 2011: The first Biker of the Year contest took “i, the Biker” concept to the ground level. The awards were for humans, not machines. It was a movement to put men before the machines, to acknowledge and reward the contribution of the biker towards the betterment of the biking society in India, rather than the motorcycle. Please visit boty.xbhp.com to know more.


March 2012: The Grand Indian Roadtrip saw 5 sportbikes and a Mercedes Sports car tour 13,000 kms around India connecting thousands of bikers and key motorcycling clubs. The roadtrip was a trendsetter and unlike anything India had seen before, since The Great Indian Roadtrip. You can visit xBhp.com/roadtrips to know more about all the roadtrips by xBhp.


June 2012: xBhp founder becomes one of the very few journalists worldwide to have been recognized by a company as reputed and prestigious as Ducati by riding solo across 10 countries from Dubai to Italy for the World Ducati Week 2012. You can watch the documentary from this ride, here


September 2013: The second edition of the Biker of the Year in the year 2013 saw the movement getting bigger, with the award categories increasing to 10 from 2 in 2011. Please visit boty.xbhp.com to know more. 


May 2014: The Great India Collectors’ Ride is an idea to bring together the motorcyclists of the country through the one thing we love the most – our bikes. And to show our love for our bikes, we went around the country collecting a plethora of different objects and articles donated by motorcycling clubs or sold to us through OLX.Com by bikers across the country. We took all these items we collected from around the country and built a larger than life motorcycle sculpture. This sculpture was a tale of the ride and the articles we collected along the way. It was called the Freedom Motorcycle. An 8 episode TV series on this ride was broadcasted on History TV 18.  You can watch the full documentary here


March 2015: The #thankYouRide was a pan India roadtrip on four Benelli motorcycles to thank motorcyclists who have made a difference in the Indian motorcycling landscape and who have been pillars of xBhp since many years. You can watch the full documentary here


March 2016: India in 0-100 Motorcycles was an attempt (a successful one) by xBhp to ride 100 unique motorcycles in a span of 2 months. Visit 100.motorcycles.xBhp.com to know more.



December 2016: #theO2Ride or The Octave & Octanes Ride was a ride around India on four motorcycles to see how well music and biking go together, by getting bikers who are musicians as well to be a part of the 8,000 kms ride! These motoMusicians performed live from the road and also connected with other bikers who are musicians, or who pursue music actively. Please visit here to watch the documentary from this ride.


September 2017: The #powerTrip360 was a 20,000 kms ride around Australia on two of the most powerful and fastest production motorcycles, including a 280 bhp Ninja H2 and a Ducati Panigale 1299.  You can visit here to see the 6-part documentary series from this ride.


December 2017: The #roadTripUnited was a pan-India 9000 km roadtrip by xBhp on two Suzuki Hayabusa and two cruisers from Indian Motorcycles to bring together different riding groups together. We met around 8000 bikers and more than 300 biking clubs during this ride. Here‘s a video compilation of all our meets during this ride 


January 2019: xBhp gets two of the world’s most prestigious four-wheel brands officially for roadtrips and drives. As of June 2020, we have driven more than 40 supercars around the world, capturing them evocatively in our cameras on roadtrips. You can visit xBhp.com/Machines  to see all the machines that we’ve ridden or driven.



July 2019: Helmets are the crowns for us motorcyclists. They not only protect our heads but also make us look cool. So we teamed up with Axor Helmets, to come with a special edition Axor Apex #16yearsOfxBhp helmet. The livery on this helmet is an amalgamation of four different environments for a motorcyclist, a racing track, mountains, deserts and the oceans. We call it the Four Roads, or X-Roads (Cross Roads) xBhp edition. You can order it online from here


August 2019: In August 2019, xBhp launched the #xBhpRR (Rap Replica) which was a song dedicated to the entire #xBhpFamily all over India as an ode to the different kind of motorcycles and our emotions towards them.  You can watch the full music video here


October 2019: In October 2019, we set out on the most ambitious ride we had done so far. It was an 11-country ride, from Delhi to Singapore & Sri Lanka, on 3 Bajaj Dominar 400 motorcycles. Besides 2 permanent riders from xBhp core team, there were 9 other riders from Indian biking fraternity who rode with us on various legs of this ride. You can watch the full video documentary series from this ride, here


December 2019: Ever since our first cross-country roadtrip in 2006, we’ve constantly been adding more and more countries to our kitty and have till now ridden in more than 60 countries (63 to be precise) on some of the most exotic machines on 2 wheels and sometimes on 4 wheels as well. You can visit xBhp.com/Roadtrips to know more about all the roadtrips we have done so far.


June 2020: To commemorate the 17th anniversary of xBhp, we set out on this virtual roadtrip to meet all the members of the #xBhpFamily spread across the country.


October 2020: xBhp Magazine completes 10 years of existence with more than 10,500 pages printed in 60 issues.


….and the ride continues!