Australian Roadtrip

Australia. A country continent. It is not a trivial matter to traverse this land, even on the world’s fastest bikes. But we, at xBhp, have done it twice already! The first time it was in 2007 when we did 22,000 kms and then in 2013 – 23456 Kms solo on a Ducati Multistrada. This time, after five years, we are going to take a slightly different route.

We will start from the cosmopolitan megapolis of Sydney and start heading counter clockwise snaking up through Putty Road (a great road for motorcyclists in Sydney) and then to Oxley Highway and Thunderbolts way – both known motorcycling roads.

The high country will open up and meet the ocean at Byron Bay and then onwards to Brisbane via the flashy Gold Coast. Things start to get a bit isolated as we head towards Airlie Beach and then finally take a left towards the west inland – the road to Centralia (Central Australia) the Barkly Highway. This road is dotted with small far apart towns like Hughenden, known for its Dinasour fossils and Cloncurry – one of the the hottest towns in Australia with average recorded temperatures of 47 degrees. There is some respite and a feeling of being back into civilisation with the city of Mt Isa. But that is not for long. We head further into the heart of Australia and come to one of the biggest t-points (three ways) ever – left will take us to the sacred mountain of Uluru, right will take us to the city of Darwin up north.

We take a left and start riding towards Uluru Kata Tjuta National park – one of the most beautiful places in Australia. Experiencing a rainbow over the sacred mountain of Uluru, which is also known as Ayers Rock is one of the most iconic places of Australia. It is actually a sandstone formation rising over the ground for 1142 Feet high.

From here we retrace our steps and ride back towards the three ways uptowards the north. It is a long long way. Everything is a long way here. Even a small distance visually on the Australia map could be more than a couple of hundred kilometers easily! So after crouching a lot, refuelling a lot and shooting a lot we will finally reach one of the biggest cities in Australia – Darwin. It wil be most probbaly hot and humid here, but we do need to get our bikes serviced and checked before we start riding towards Perth – one of the most isolated cities in the world. Technically, Coober Pedy, also known as “opal capital of the world” with underground houses is the most isolated town of Australia, but Perth is a metropolis. The ride from Darwin to Perth will take through Karjini National Park – which is supposedly one of the most beautiful places in Australia.

After Perth we head down south to the coastal town of Augusta, which is known for its beautiful beaches. From there it is another long haul to the nexy big city of Australia – Adelaide. 3000 kms to be exact. This stretch will take us through a great deal of nothingess (which has its own beauty) and through the Nullarbor Plains (literally  meaning no trees) and via Australia’s longest straight road – a 146 kms arrow straight stretch where the Ninja H2 and Ducati Panigale 1299 would absolutely feel home at (just kidding, we follow rules, even if our bikes do close to 400 kmph we still know how to control that right hand).

There are a handful of roadhouses which give you an experience (if you decide to stay here), unlike anything else. But thats about it.

From Adelaide the population starts again. From here we follow the Great Ocean Road to Melbourne, another great beautiful metropolis of Australia. We will hit the twisties again through the Victorian high country before reaching Mt.Kosciusko, Australias highest mountain near the beautiful lake Jindabyne.

After this we ride the last mile to Sydney via the Australian capital of Canberra to call it a day.

Almost 20,000 kms later on two of the world’s most advanced superbikes – a trip to remembered until our last breath. Follow us on this website for great photos and experiences and look for us on social media using the hashtag #powerTrip360.

Lots more updates as we start the ride from 1st September! The key dates are given in the map above should you want to host / meet us. But here is the route with cities and dates (thanks to Trevor Hedge from MCNews for helping us out a bit in the route!) :

Day No. Date Start City End
1 1-Sep Sydney Gloucester
2 2-Sep Gloucester Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia
3 3-Sep Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia Byron Bay
4 4-Sep Byron Bay Gold Coast
5 5-Sep Gold Coast Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
6 6-Sep Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
7 7-Sep Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Maryborough, Queensland, Australia via Mount Glorious, Somerset Dam and Wallu
8 8-Sep Maryborough, Queensland Airlie Beach
9 9-Sep Airlie Beach Airlie Beach
10 10-Sep Airlie Beach Charters Towers
11 11-Sep Charters Towers Mt Isa
12 12-Sep Mt Isa Tennant Creek
13 13-Sep Tennant Creek Alice Springs
14 14-Sep Alice Springs Uluru
15 15-Sep Uluru Uluru
16 17-Sep Uluru Katherine
17 18-Sep Katherine Darwin
18 19-Sep Darwin Darwin
19 20-Sep Darwin Lake Argyle
20 21-Sep Lake Argyle Lake Argyle
21 22-Sep Lake Argyle Broome
22 23-Sep Broome Broome
23 24-Sep Broome Karijini
24 25-Sep Karijini Karijini
25 26-Sep Karijini Meekathara
26 27-Sep Meekathara Perth
27 28-Sep Perth Perth
28 29-Sep Perth Perth
29 30-Sep Perth Perth
30 1-Oct Perth Augusta
31 2-Oct Augusta Albany
32 3-Oct Albany Norseman
33 4-Oct Norseman Eucla
34 5-Oct Eucla Ceduna
35 6-Oct Ceduna Adelaide
36 7-Oct Adelaide Adelaide
37 8-Oct Adelaide Port Fairy
38 9-Oct Port Fairy Melbourne
39 10-Oct Melbourne Melbourne
40 11-Oct Melbourne Melbourne
41 12-Oct Melbourne Tallangata
42 13-Oct Tallangata Jindabyne
43 14-Oct Jindabyne Canberra
44 15-Oct Canberra Canberra
45 16-Oct Canberra Sydney