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The end! 20000 kms done on #powerTrip360 on two of the world’s fastest bikes! Castrol Biking Trip 360 #powerTrip360 #loveToCruise Ducati Australia & New Zealand #Panigale1299 #NinjaH2 Dainese AGV Helmets Point 65 Kayaks Sweden Wrangler Denims

Day46: where’s the fun if you don’t off road? #powerTrip360Royal Enfield Australia & New Zealand Castrol Biking Trip 360 xBhp

Day45: Snow! Thank you god for this, the penultimate day of#powerTrip360

Day44: Yarra Valley Vineyards. Though we didn’t have any. #powerTrip360#loveToCruise

Day43: #powerTrip360 at Bay Of Martyrs.

Day42: O Forest, I wonder what secrets you hold! O Ninja, I wonder what sights you have seen! #powerTrip360

20,000 kms on a supercharged Ninja H2 and a Ducati Panigale 1299 around Australia. 18000 Kms done so far! #powerTrip360

Day41: And the trees came back after Nullarbor.#powerTrip360

Day40: The 1-second burnout I had to get another set anyways. You don’t see more smoke than because we still had to ride 300 kays in the night yesterday. It was our second longest day on the ride with 1100 kms from Nullarbor to Adelaide. Sad that the outback is over. And the shriek of the supercharger when doing a burnout – goosebumps! #powerTrip360

Mind over Matter. #powerTrip360

Day39: Australia jokes around with you. They should just have a sign at the airports (and seaports if you are a sailor) having a billboard of various animals and creepy crawlies saying : ‘Everywhere.’ They’ll save on a lot of public money as well. #powerTrip360

Day38: Nullarbor. There is so much in nothingness. I just love these parts of Australia and will miss them from day after when I will reach Adelaide! #powerTrip360

Into the Sunset. #NullarborPlains Ducati Australia & New Zealand Shot with Sony India #Alpha 7Rii

Australia is <—-t—-h—-i—-s—–> BIG! For me this the PERFECT kind of bike to do it! Addicted to its extreme power! From day after we will reach Adelaide and then there will be so many humans to spoil the fun! #powerTrip360

Day37: This is the unfortunate reality of riding in Australia, especially from dusk through dawn. It cannot be stressed enough on how fatal hitting one of the million kangaroos, or other creatures that can cross over at any time in front you can be. Forget your chances of surviving on a motorcycle, people have a hard time getting away in a car, especially if it’s a big one. Scores of dead animals like these line the Australian highways, especially the Nullarbor region in which we are right now. However, inevitably we did ride in the night for around 2000 kms of the 16000 that we have done so far. Blame our penchant for photography and other updates that we serve you during our rides every day. There are a few known cases of these creatures hitting in broad daylight too. With the last 4000 odd kays left, we can only hope all will go well. And RIP all of them. #powerTrip360

Day36: The customary ADV motorcycle pose. Replete with panniers et al.  Oops. Sorry. Let’s call this the 15000 kms celebrations shot! Low lying roads like these are often subject to water which flows over from the nearby swamps and rivers. Hit this at 100 kmph and you’ll aquaplane to glory. #NinjaH2#powerTrip360 Castrol Biking Trip 360

Day35: What an incredible moment. A forest fire miles away created a cloud of massive dust and smoke ( though I couldn’t smell any ! ), half the sky was blue and the half was brownish red. And the sun was struggling to shine through. More Later ! #phoneShot #powerTrip360

Day34: What a moment it was, The beautiful town of Augusta is on the shores of the Indian Ocean. And it was perfect under the moonlight and the sound of the waves conversing with the shore. From tomorrow we start heading eastwards back to Sydney, which is still a cool 5500 kms away.Shot with Sony Alpha 7Sii #powerTrip360

Day33: We have another ace up our sleeve. A super compact, ultra powerful and advanced camera – theSony India RX100. Yes, and it does remind us of how we started motorcycling, doesn’t it! We will explore the camera’s features in the coming 6000 kms of the #powerTrip360! This photo is shot with the Sony Alpha 7Rii in the city of Perth.

Day32: Panigale shining after a quick service and tyre change.

Day31: When you have your final exam paper and you get up late. #dgr2017 #perth #powerTrip360 #ninjah2#superbike #sonyalphaIN The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

 The Distinguished Bike. Not sure of the gentleman. Today at Perth for #DGR2017#powerTrip360

Day30: Taking a moment to look at the concrete jungle before we ride into the nothingness of the Nullarbor plains. #powerTrip360

The #powerTrip360 by xBhp, Castrol Biking and Trip 360 is a 20000 kms roadtrip around Australia on two of the world’s fastest bikes, including a 280 BHP #NinjaH2.

Here is some of the stuff that we are using to get this epic ride done! A super light and fast laptop by HP India, called the Spectre! Sony India ActionCams with inbuilt optical stabilization! PirelliMoto #Diablo #Rosso3 tyres for all weather grip. That fantastic chrome backpack by Point 65 Boblbee Packs which double as back protectors in case of a crash.

We met up with a Colombian at Perth today. He was super stoked to see the #NinjaH2 in flesh. He owns a 636 back home which he sold for his Australia trip. He also said that Bajaj Pulsar are very popular in his country! I decided to do a pseudo wheelie on his cycle at least, its easier than 280 horses! #powerTrip360 P.S : His cycle was a ‘Fuji’, in case anyone is interested in knowing!

Day29: There are few machines which look so sinister in the rearview mirror against a setting sun as the Ninja H2. No matter what internal combustion engine is propelling your hardware on wheels, a 210 KG machine with 280 BHP demands respect and patience even on seemingly straight gullible looking roads. I have never experienced a mile muncher like this. ‘Goes a like rocket’ would be an incorrect statement for this. ‘This rocket goes like a Ninja H2’ would be better. The beautiful soundtrack that accompanies it sounds more like an orchestra. The flutter of the supercharger with the sweet hum of the Akrapovic will make you want to do 0-200-0 all day long. I will be extremely sad once I get back into civilization after Western Australia. #powerTrip360Shot with Sony India Alpha 7rii

13500 kms of 20,000 done. Some more memories to be created before a trip of a lifetime culminates back in Sydney! #powerTrip360 Castrol Biking Trip 360 Shot with Sony India Alpha 7rii

Day28: The last bit of isolation as we enter temporary civilisation once again. Perth, the most isolated city of a million plus people in the world. ( Auckland in New Zealand is a bit more isolated however).#powerTrip360

Day27: It is said camels in Australia are from the Indian Subcontinent. #powerTrip360

Day26: The perfect road. Almost #powerTrip360

Day25: The Ducati Australia & New Zealand #Panigale1299 negotiates a rare curve in the red center of Australia against the amazing backdrop of Uluru. #powerTrip360

Ducati to Ninja : ‘We are losing light fast’. Ninja : ‘No worries mate, the Sony Alpha 7sii is ready to capture some photons.’ #powerTrip360 This photo shot by the Sony Alpha 7rii

Day24: Tropic of Capricorn. Apparently this line is moving 15 metres north every year. But this monument isnt.#powerTrip360 — at Rest Area.

Day23: There was a eagle on our heads dropping a message. 8500 kms more to go it said.#powerTrip360

Day22: Curves are hard to come by in Western Australia. But when they come… #powerTrip360

Day21: ‘Can you get me some fuel from the nearest pump?’ #powerTrip360

Day20: And that summarizes the 850 kms day today. Hello, Western Australia. #powerTrip360

Day19: The sketch below was made even before the plan of riding the Ninja H2 around Australia fructified. And the photo below to that was taken today in Darwin. Stupendous what human will and imagination can pull off, eh? #powerTrip350 #xBhp So long, Darwin. #powerTrip360 continues to Perth. Hidden Valley Raceway

Day18: Take a deep breath my friend. And ride On. Just 11,000 kays available. #powerTrip360 Tomorrow 810 kms to Western Australia. Will be closer to India by 1.5 hours.

Down the Supercharged Lane. #Darwin #powerTrip360 #NinjaH2 Shot with #SonyAlphaIN #7rii 

Not too many opportunities for a Dunny on a 1700 kms a day. But when I find one, I make sure I pose. I guess the Holden’s owner forgot to come out.  #powerTrip360

Day17: Whatever you say. It is hard to beat the charisma of a Royal Enfield. But will I take it across a country like Australia? I will leave that question floating at the moment. Royal Enfield Australia & New Zealand #बूल्टपांचसो Thanks to Jayesh for his valuable time at the centre of Australia on our ride! #LoveToCruise #PowerTrip360

Day16: There is something very serene about this. #uluru#ninjaH2 Shot with #SonyAlphaIN 7sii #powerTrip360

Day15: Dedicated to the human spirit. Of Engineering. Of Exploring. A man riding 20000 kms around Australia on a Hyperbike with a man riding cross country on a cycle. This photo was shot on the isolated and endless Stuart Highway. Made me think a bit. #powerTrip360

On the Go. Two Hundred and Eighty Horses in tow. I ride in the Kata Tjuta National Park in the centre of Australia on the #powerTrip360 today! Shot with Sony ActionCam. See lots many more images at

Day14: So long. #powerTrip360

Day13: 280 Horses for 20000 Kms. #powerTrip360 Castrol BikingTrip 360 

Day 12: Roadtrains intrigue me. Overtaking one on Australia’s never ending highways is an experience in itself. The longer ones can be 54 metres long and some times even longer. And they go around 100 kmph – on the road. Imagine overtaking one on a superbike. The create a vacuum that threatens to pull you towards them as you overtake and just when you are done the blast of air hits and threatens to push you over the shoulder. Makes me feel like I am in a MadMax movie. The unending array of wheels, their loads everything passes by like a giant cinema screen. And they look absolutely beautiful at night when they are all lit up. Especially when a road-train reveals itself from the other side of a crest in a straight road. Looks like an alien warship. Truly one of the treasures of Australia. #powerTrip360

Day 11: Moonlight Update. Highway to Hell. Shot with Sony India#SonyAlphaIn #xBhp#powerTrip360

Day 10: The line was already there. I kid you not. Maybe the aliens knew we were coming on these? #powerTrip360

”Country roads take me home, to the place I belong.” #powerTrip360 Trip 360

Day 09: I’m going to hang up this phone, and then I’m going to show these people what you don’t want them to see. I’m going to show them a world without you. A world without rules andcontrols, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you_ (Neo, Matrix). Don’t we all motorcyclists want a world without political borders!#powerTrip360Castrol Biking

Day 08: End of the 900 kms day before entering Airlie beach we encounter a bit of wisp under the moonlight. Shot at 80,000 ISO #PowerTrip360

Day 07: What a glorious ride it was today out of Brisbane and beyond upwards the east coast of Australia on the #powerTrip360. Tomorrow 900 Kms lie ahead of us and then even more in the coming days. Signing off for today!

Day 05: The mighty Ducati #Panigale1299 with the #GoldCoast skyline as the backdrop. ISO 40000. Shot with Sony Alpha 7sii. 2 Pass denoise filter. Shot by Sunil!

Supercharged Blitz and Glamour. #surfersParadise#powerTrip360

Day 04: And the last one for the day. Follow me as I ride a #NinjaH2 around Australia for 20000 kms along with a Ducati Panigale 1299. This shot taken at Byron Bay with a #SonyAlphaIn 7RII. #powerTrip360

Day and Night : We are constantly in pursuit of something amazing on our roadtrip around Australia on two amazing machines with some amazing camera firepower. #powerTrip360, 20000 kms of awesomeness. Shot in Surfers Paradise noon at 100 ISO with SOny Alpha 7rii #powerTrip360

Day 03: 1000 Kms done out of 20,000 on #powerTrip360 Follow me on the 280 Bhp Ninja H2 around Australia with a Ducati Panigale 1299 : One more before we call it a day. This one is taken entirely under the Moonlight. Unbelievable, right? Meta: 40000 ISO, 192 mm, 1/4 shutter with Sony Alpha 7sii. #ninjaH2#powerTrip360

Day 02: xBhp is going around Australia on a supercharged retuned 280 BHP #NinjaH2 and a 200 BHP Ducati Australia & New Zealand#Panigale1299 for 20000 kms from 1st Sept to 16th Oct! Join us on this supercharged exotic adventure enabled by #trip360 and Castrol POWER1! All the #powerTrip360 photographs will be added to this Album. Photographs shot with Sony India Alpha Mirror-less Cameras #SonyAlphaInDigitized on a HP SPECTRE Laptop #HPSpectre#xBhp Trip 360 Castrol Biking Riding Gears by Dainese #Dainese AGV Helmets #AGVhelmets

Day 01: #onTheGo#powerTrip360 320 kms done today! Lots of photos and a beautiful New South Wals countryside. Had a chance to sample the 280 bhp in the countryside. More on it later! Trip 360#ninjaH2Ducati Australia & New Zealand#Panigale1299Castrol Biking Shot with Sony India#SonyAlphaIn#SonyActionCam#xBhp

Day 00: The first 300 odd kms (of 20000) of the #powerTrip360 will be ridden tomorrow in the high country here. ERRATA : Date is 2017, not 2016!
The expected temperature at night at our first destination (Gloucester) is expected to be 1 degrees! Here is the complete route: Australia the big lap route & dates
This photo shot with Sony India ##SonyAlphaIn #7Rii
So here it is! xBhp and Trip 360 will start off from Sydney, Australia for a 20000 kms roadtrip on two of the world’s fastest bikes! A supercharged reflashed 280 Bhp (260 rear wheel HP) #NinjaH2 and a 200 Bhp Ducati Australia & New Zealand #Panigale1299. Both the machines will be cooled and their performance will be maintained with Castrol Biking oils.
Riding gears by Dainese #Dainese AGV Helmets #AGVhelmets #powerTrip360

The first photo of the stock #NinjaH2. The preparations for the #POWERTrip360 have been more intense and complicated than we could have ever imagined. With only a week left for Sept 1st, when we do one of our most #epic #roadtrips – 20,000 kms on a #NinjaH2 & a Ducati #Panigale1299. This is going to be a test of both physical and mental endurance. Only if we just had to ride and not take photos and videos! But then this is what the xBhp ethos stands for. Bag seen here is from Point 65 Boblbee Packs, Sweden. #Dainese #AGVHelmets #DaineseCrew Castrol Biking Trip 360 #xBhp