Although our stay in Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, was a very short-lived one, it gave us some never-forget kind of moments on the #powerTrip360. The entry into the city was an epic one as we reached well past midnight, shivering from cold, after covering around 1150 kms from Nullarbor Roadhouse. We had already exhausted 2 days that we had allocated for city exploration, so all that were left with was a day to do whatever we could do in the city.

So we got the Ninja H2 serviced first thing in the morning, which ate up more than half a day, leaving just a couple of daylight hours for the remaining business.

Had a quick chat with Amber (known on xBhp as ‘desideep’) to discuss locations in his city where I could go and shoot the bike, and he suggested a couple of places, including Mount Lofty from where you could see the entire Adelaide city. Due to the paucity of time, all the other options were discarded in favor of a ride to Mount Lofty Summit. At an elevation of 727 m, it is the highest point in the Southern Lofty Mountain Ranges and is about 15 kms east of the Adelaide City Center. There is a city lookout at the Mount Lofty Summit from where you get the panoramic view of the Adelaide city and can see almost the entire city in front of you. The ride to the summit itself is a rewarding one. And when I reached the summit, it was almost empty, giving me full freedom to shoot and take the bike till the very edge of the lookout. Then I met another fellow motorcyclist over there, James Kmet, and we spent quite a bit of time talking about the city and motorbikes. He even guided me into the city and showed me around, taking me to some city landmarks like the famous Adelaide Oval Cricket Ground. Thanks for all your help James; the day was memorable because of you.

Panigale 1299 with the Adelaide city in the background, as seen from Mount Lofty Summit, roadtrip, touring
Panigale 1299 with the Adelaide city in the background, as seen from Mount Lofty Summit
Adelaide city


Mount Lofty Summit
Mount Lofty Summit
the famous Adelaide Oval cricket stadium
Adelaide Convention Center
my newfound friend in Adelaide, James
St. Peter's Cathedral, Adelaide
St. Peter’s Cathedral, Adelaide


And when I reached hotel and started packing, got a message from Amber who advised us to not move out of the city the next day because of an impending storm. He forwarded me a message from Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology, warning the residents to restrict their movements and to stay indoors if possible. There were warnings of “damaging winds” all along our intended route. We were already running 2 days short of our schedule by then and didn’t want to extend the deficit to 3 days, so we decided to move on with the option of canceling the ride only in case of  extreme emergency. All the camera gear and electronics were packed double waterproof with the help of polythene bags.  We kept our own rain gear handy as well.

message sent by Amber,


















Amber showed up at the hotel to see us off. And he got a kettleful of homemade tea and Parle G biscuit as well. Just the kind of breakfast we needed to endure the rough weather we were going to encounter. We bid adieu to Adelaide after a brief chit chat with Amber as we wanted to move out of the rough weather area as soon as possible.

A customary shot with Amber just before leaving Adelaide

When we started, the weather was calm, but the dark clouds had already started building over the city. It was the proverbial lull before the storm. The lull soon gave way to threatening clouds and strong winds, threatening to wipe off almost everything in their way. Winds subsided only to give way to light showers and ultimately heavy downpour. It was the wettest day of the #powerTrip360 so far and we ended up riding close to 300 kms in heavy rain.

The cameras remained safely packed inside mostly and there’s very little that we shot that day.

ducati panigale near vineyards of South Australia
vineyards of South Australia!
ducati panigale 1299 in south australia
just one of the moments where we could brought the camera out!
ducati panigale 1299 near the vineyards of South Australia , roadtrip
ducati panigale 1299 near the vineyards of South Australia
Ninja H2 in a jungle, roadtrip in Australia
Took a jungle detour for some more fun

overtaking these big trucks with the visibility further hampered by the water splash by the trucks of the tyres was a huge challenge!

It is definitely not an easy task to handle those fully loaded and powerful motorcycles in such a weather, but the Pirelli tyres were confidence inspiring and they never seemed to lose the grip. But we reached safely to our destination for the day.

The destination was the little touristy town of Port Fairy, which has been awarded as one of the world’s most livable cities with a population of under 20,000. No wonder Port Fairy is quite popular among tourists in that area and there are several cafes/restaurants where you can relax your tired souls.

Ashmont Motor Inn - Port Fairy
Had a remarkable stay in Ashmont Motor Inn – Port Fairy.
Ashmont Motor Inn - Port Fairy
With our host Dean Robertson from the Ashmont Motor Inn in Port Fairy.
our cozy room in Ashmont Motor Inn!

We had put up at Port Fairy in Ashmont Motor Inn, which was one of the most comfortable hotels/motels we had stayed in on this roadtrip so far. The hosts, Dean Robertson & Cathy Hammond, were friendly and motorbike enthusiasts themselves and went an extra mile to make sure we had a memorable stay at their property.  If you are on a roadtrip, visiting Port Fairy, and looking for a place to stay, then we would highly recommended Ashmont Motor Inn.  Too bad our stay was only overnight there and we had some deadlines to follow, otherwise we would’ve loved to stay there for a couple of more nights to relax our tired souls.



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