So after a rain-soaked ride of 500+ kms from Perth to Port Fairy, it was time to leave for Melbourne. And while on the way to Melbourne, we will be passing through one of the biggest attractions for a lot of tourists from around the world – The Great Ocean Road.  It is a 243 kms long road, which also happens to be Australian National Heritage. This road was built between 1919 and 1932 by the soldiers returning from the World War I and was dedicated to the soldiers who participated in the World War. That is why it is also known as the largest war memorial in the world!

Riding hear you get to witness some of the best this country has to offer in terms of coastline. But it was very windy that day and also with intermittent heavy rains along the route; so we didn’t really do the entire 240+ kms stretch but only a few parts of it and rode straight to Melbourne where we had a special guest from India waiting for us. But before meeting t he guest, we went for a small photoshoot at night with some landmark buildings in Melbourne, which there were a lot. And here we were, in Melbourne, one of the best cities to live in the world. We had a day in our hands here,  and there were a couple of things in our agenda, including meeting with our guest from India and then getting the Panigale serviced.

First thing first, lets talk about the guest from India first. She is Candida Louis, a very well known biker from India, who was the winner of a contest run by xBhp and as the winner got to ride with us from Melbourne to Sydney on a Royal Enfield Classic 350. So a better part of the day was spent exploring Melbourne with Candida while she also got familiarized with the riding conditions in a foreign land




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