Anything that we do is only possible with the help of supporters and partners. We are equally thankful to the community, individual motorcyclists and groups around India along with the companies and people driving these brands who understand what we are out to do.


The ULTIMATE in ever sense of the word, Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE is the last word when it comes to extracting the most of your motorcycles regardless of the kind of motorcycle, the kind of terrain, or the kind of climate.


How far can one go without using cash in today’s age in India? We found out on #roadTripUnited2021 with Freecharge by our side.


The cameras from Canon are mighty stellar in so many ways but them serving as the window through which all that we did on #roadTripUnited2021 reached you is the absolute best feature.

Turtle Wax

Your precious wheels should never stop exciting you and enticing the onlookers. But time always does what it does best but in this instance, you can defeat time, in addition to the elements, and keep your vehicles looking like new with Turtle Wax.


Planning a roadtrip is a tedious process. Even more so when you have more than 20 riders covering 10,000 km riding around a country as diverse as ours. With all that, it is not hard to imagine how complicated it could be to settle on riding gears for all the riders. But at least on that front, we could breathe easy. We always go with Rynox and there are solid reasons for that. Reasons that were reaffirmed during the 10,000 km that we covered. So let us talk about that.
The collective reason begins with the ideology. The ideology of a brand can tell a lot about its products and in the case of Rynox, it is spot on. Protection, Comfort, Reliability, and Style; that’s their mantra. And this mantra encompasses all that you can ask of your riding gear. The fact that Rynox religiously follows this ideology was evident throughout the #roadTripUnited2021.
First of all, let’s talk about protection. Now, reviewing this aspect objectively is something no rider wishes to do for obvious reasons. But Rynox puts it all out there for all the riders to know. Apparel from Rynox features armour that is CE Level 2 certified for the most part be it the jackets or the pants. Then on the safety front, all the gear from Rynox feature retro-reflective panels for visibility at night. And since night riding is an inevitable part of a ride like this, it was a feature that we got to see in action.
Next up, we have comfort. It is one of the primary factors that detract riders from adopting riding gear in India. It is not entirely unjustified either because our country throws all kinds of climates and riding conditions at the riders. But it is not unassailable either. Throughout the #roadTripUnited2021, we got to ride in really warm conditions, quite cool conditions and even in rain. But the gear never became a source of discomfort. We had strategically placed vents and mesh to deal with the heat. And winter and rain jackets to deal with the cold and rain. The fit is another factor that added to the comfort factor and with adjusters on the waist, cuffs, arms and elbows, it could be fine-tuned further.
Then we have reliability. With extensive testing and a plethora of quality checks, this is one department where no rider will ever have any qualms with Rynox gear. The apparel easily withstood the daily rigours of our ride. Finally, style. This is one thing that is least and most important in a peculiar manner. All bikes are beautiful in our books but gear, not always. And since it is a subjective topic, you can visit the Rynox website to check the range out yourself. Us? We found them to be pretty suave.
Now, in a country like ours where motorcycling is still in nascency and the market is price-sensitive, it is hard to beat the feature and price balance that Rynox has struck.


One of the most companions of a biker, a helmet has become so much more than just head-protection nowadays. For a biker, it is a matter of pride, a statement. Few emphasize that statement as well as Axor Helmets do.

Castrol Magnatec SUV

The #roadTripUnited2021 was a roadtrip of epic proportions and we cannot emphasize its magnitude any more than we have already. While xBhp is primarily about motorcycles, a roadtrip like this needed us to broaden our horizons. We needed to add something with four wheels. But it had to be something that could match the iconic stature of our motorcycles. That and being our rolling workstations are tasks of great responsibility, tasks carried out flawlessly by our two Mahindra Thars. But like any other machine, our two Thars needed support as well because, in the end, they are machines too and, in turn, fallible. But we were far from even the apprehensions of failure as our Thars were relying on the non-stop protection provided by the very capable Castrol MAGNATEC SUV.
10,000 km is no joke and even more so when it is in a country as diverse as ours. Changing climates, terrains and conditions pose a proper challenge for any vehicle that you can think of. And that is why your vehicle must have the right support and by right support we mean perhaps the most important one it needs; engine oil. Engine oil is necessary because it helps protect the engine against its biggest- friction. But mere lubrication is not enough especially when the stakes are high. And that is why we chose the Fully Synthetic Castrol MAGNATEC SUV.
The Two Thars that we had doing duty were two different ones; one belonged to the xBhp garage and is powered by a 2-litre petrol engine and the other, provided to us by Mahindra, was powered by a 2-litre diesel engine. Castrol MAGNATEC SUV works for all ICE powertrains including petrol, diesel, and CNG. So the Castrol MAGNATEC SUV that we employed worked its wonders for both the Thars.
The engine oil requirements for an SUV are different from your regular cars. Even more so when the SUV is anything close to being a Thar. SUVs have a lot of tasks; short trips, long jaunts, and carrying loads. All of these come with their own challenges. In short urban trips, traffic becomes the enemy and that gives rise to one of the biggest types of engine wear- the stop-start wear. Then comes the load and in our case, a considerable amount of load. Our Mahindra Thars were fully decked up as they were the only vehicles we had for luggage, equipment, and spares. That load was further compounded by long runs at a stretch that results in high temperatures.
The performance that Castrol MAGNATEC SUV boasts of is a result of their breakthrough DUALOCK tech that ensures a dramatic reduction in all kinds of engine wear that your car’s engine goes through. On top of that, being a fully synthetic engine oil, Castrol MAGNATEC has been manufactured precisely in accordance with the needs of an SUV engine. With all that this epic roadtrip entailed, there was a lot to worry about but with Castrol MAGNATEC SUV, we had one less thing to worry about… or should we say two Thars less to worry about.
SUVs are aspirational vehicles that instil a lot of pride in the owner because of their near omnipotence. But, in turn, the owners must also provide them with the care that they deserve. Our Mahindra Thars were subject to a lot of thrashing and bashing during the 10,000 km but in Castrol MAGNATEC SUV, we had the best care we could give to them and we were not disappointed as our Thars conquered everything and came back home in pristine shape. A testament to the performance of Castrol MAGNATEC SUV is the jolt of acceleration that we experience even now when we floor it… or the kick we get when we have it sideways making all sorts of shapes off the tarmac!

Lenovo Legion

Creating content and creating content on the go are the same in the sense that they both need powerful machines but they differ in the sense that the latter needs portability with power. In other words, it needs Legion.


Life moves on pretty quick, right? Even more so when you live it on a motorcycle that sports a displacement of 2.5 litres and makes 167 PS of power and 221 Nm of torque. Yep, we are talking about our Triumph Rocket 3 R. Staying true to life moving quick, we had our Rocket 3 R ready for a 10,000 km ride despite it having seen barely 1,000 km on the odo up till the flag-off of #roadTripUnited2021.
While apprehensions may always be there regarding such a humungous motorcycle covering 10,000 km, ours were blown away in the very early phase of the ride as we mounted miles on the odo riding fantastic highways such as the Yamuna Expressway and the Agra-Lucknow Expressway.
When you talk about such long expressways, you have to talk about the engine. The one of the Rocket 3 R is just a freak of nature and a gem of engineering. The insane amount of torque makes it almost too easy to ride this really big bike like a much smaller one. Right from the get-go, your right wrist controls how the engine hauls the massive mass of this motorcycle around.
Grunt, and a whole lot of it, also means that it lets you do both; being lazy as you potter around in top gear or rip the tarmac apart with just the twist of the throttle… without even downshifting! That is how tractable the engine is. Then there’s the acceleration. It is no joke that is nearly 300 kg motorcycle can go from 0 to 100 km/h in under 3 seconds which is good enough to shame some much-leaner sportbikes.
Perhaps that is one of the biggest reasons why Triumph opted to go with that mammoth rear tyre. Because anything less would be shredded almost immediately. But there’s another thing sitting between all the power and torque that the engine can unleash and the huge tyre that has to put it down on the tarmac- transmission. 6-speed with shaft drive is what the Rocket 3 R has and it is pretty much the perfect fit. And so is the torque-assist clutch that makes sure that the massive reverse-torque does not lead to the rider colouring their pants like a rainbow.
Another thing that we, and the onlookers, adored alike was the exhaust note. Triumph has always nailed the sound department but the Rocket 3 R is a different kind of beast. The startup sound is a roar you may expect from accidentally waking up a T-rex, then it settles down and if you aren’t being naughty it is docile but enough to make your presence felt. Finally, blips are what attract massive crowds when you are standing still and opening the throttle makes you realize the warp speed you are at as the smooth engine tries to mask it.
Despite all of those things being mighty impressive, you really come to appreciate Triumph’s engineering acumen when you have more than just straight roads to deal with. The Rocket 3 R is a revelation. Starting with the handlebars, they are really wide thus giving you a lot of leverage to initiate directional changes.
Furthering the cause of a deceptively well-handling motorcycle, the Rocket 3 R’s 47mm Showa USD forks (compression and rebound adjustable) and fully adjustable Showa shock at the rear make sure that the bike doesn’t dip too much under braking or squat too much under acceleration. As a result, you have a motorcycle that is confident through both the entry and exit of a corner.
But stopping a motorcycle that possesses that much mass and moves that quick, you need anchors… literally. On the Rocket 3 R, that duty is carried out by dual 320mm discs at the front with Brembo M4.30 Stylema callipers (with cornering ABS) boasting of not only immense stopping power but a great lever feel as well.
Then, there’s the TFT multi-functional display. Instruments list includes digital speedometer, trip computer, digital tachometer, gear position indicator, fuel gauge, service indicator, ambient temperature, clock and rider modes (Rain/Road/Sport/Custom). And there’s an option to add the Triumph Connectivity system with the fitment of a Bluetooth module.
The Triumph Rocket has always been an icon and this iteration of it is the epitome of the Rocket philosophy. After riding it all around India, we can say that Triumph made a heck of a decision by pursuing a roadster/GT direction for the Rocket 3 R instead of a cruiser that they set out to make.

Mahindra Thar

Uniting not only riders but petrolheads in general, the roadTripUnited2021 had to have 4-wheeled machines as a part of the cavalcade. For that purpose, we think no other machine would do except The Bikers’ Car, Mahindra Thar.


The story of our TVS NTORQ 125’s 10,000 km on the #roadTripUnited2021 and how it flawlessly matched the big-boys of our cavalcade!

TVS Apache RR 310

The TVS Apache RR 310 is a phenomenal machine that boasts of versatility like few others. It is fantastic on the racetrack and amazing on the roads as we found out during the 10,000 km of #roadTripUnited2021.

Motorola razr 5G

Being connected is an integral part of a roadtrip of this magnitude but with the kind of machines we had on #roadTripUnited2021, simply staying connected was not enough. We stayed connected in style with the Moto razr 5G.