xBhp was established as a single web page in 2003 and quickly it became the first true national automotive forum and community in India, especially for motorcycling. In 2006 we did our first offline all India ride called The Great Indian Roadtrip in which we took two moto scooters and a full fledged litre class superbike. This was in a day when there was not even one single high capacity motorcycle being sold in India by any manufacturer.

Fast forward to 2021, we have so many options to choose from today in all kinds of segments and also motorcycle accessories that we have taken this privilege for granted. Hundreds of motorcycling clubs have also been formed around the country.

It is in these times that we chose to do #roadTripUnited2021 in which we united not only all kind of motorcyclists but machines as well, that travelled united for 10,000 kms around India from Feb 27th 2021 to April 11th 2021.

#roadTripUnited2021 is the second iteration (and our ninth pan India ride since 2006!). The first #roadTripUnited happened in 2017 end where we met over 8,000 motorcyclists personally, 300 plus biking clubs and did ten thousand kilometres as well.

You can know all about this ride by following the #roadTripUnited2021 hashtag across Instagram and Facebook.

Explore the links on the right to know more about who rode with us, the route, the machines, our partners, moments of the day and how to connect with us.