Without the rider, a bike is just a machine. And without the bike, a human can never be a Biker.

We try and place equal importance on both the Biker and the Biker. #roadTripUnited2021 aimed to be the biggest roadtrip done by xBhp so far in India (and we have done 9 pan India rides so far!). The machines had to be equally grand while maintaining the philosophy of xBhp which means ‘x’ amount of Brake Horse Power where ‘x’ is an algebraic variable.

x= 9.2 bhp | TVS NTORQ 125 | 125cc

The TVS NTorq is a phenomenon amongst the neo youth of India. It is perhaps the most stylish and brawny moto scooter available in the market in India at this price point. And it’s completely Made In India! What’s more, they have recently come out with the SuperSquad Edition based on The Avengers!

x= 33.5 bhp | TVS RR 310 | 312.2cc

The TVS Apache RR310 is a looker! And the fact that it’s born and bred in India using the extensive TVS Racing experience gives it even more character.

x= 130 bhp | Mahindra Thar 2020 Diesel Automatic | 2,184cc
x= 150 bhp | Mahindra Thar 2020 Petrol Automatic | 1,997cc

The Mahindra Thar’s newest avatar took India by storm latest last year. We cannot think of any other Indian made four-wheeler that exudes so much charisma and confidence and matches our biker spirit. Truly a biker’s car! And we have two of them on the ride!

x= 165 bhp | Triumph Rocket 3 R | 2,458cc | 221 Nm Torque

The Triumph Rocket3 R sports the world’s largest capacity engine in a production motorcycle! The numbers are not only insane on paper, but they translate into insanity on the road and the ride experience as well! There is no replacement for displacement! Our special black and gold CastrolPOWER1 Ultimate edition uses a fully synthetic formula with 5in1 technology and viscosity 15w-50 to keep its massive engine cool! And we call it the #SoulRocket.

x= 230 bhp | Kawasaki Ninja H2 | 998cc Supercharged | 133 Nm Torque

The World’s Fastest Production Motorcycle. Our 2017 Kawasaki Ninja H2 is a special black and gold edition powered by #CastrolPOWER1 Ultimate that uses a fully synthetic formula with 5in1 technology and viscosity 10W40 to keep its supercharged engine cool!

The machines are not only limited to the wheeled kind. xBhp is made up equally by gadget freaks, photographers and cinematographers. And these are some machines that we will be using on the #roadTripUnited2021