The Mumbai Police has gotten onto Twitter for a little more than a month now and has already garnered quite the fan following.

We often have a rather negative view of the cops, sometimes because of unpleasant experiences on the road and very often being influenced by Bollywood movies! To counter this, the Mumbai Police have got onto Twitter and engaging the folks there with funny, smart tweets, which has seen them racking up 27k+ and counting followers!

The tweets are intended to raise awareness about social issues like traffic offences, drug abuse, cyber crime etc. We often see boring government advertisements which you skip, lots of money spent but with little effect of it. So the Mumbai Police came up with these witty one liners with their team to engage their audience. They have been clearly very successful at it with some of their tweets getting retweeted more than a thousand times. They have made this possible by hiring a team of professionals to handle the Twitter account. Each week a theme is set and tweets are written out for that particular theme, the best then get selected and are shared on Twitter.

But this is not a one way street (no pun intended!), people who tweet to the Mumbai Police also see positive replies from them. Any incident brought to the attention of the twitter ID is seen by 8 designated people, who forward the complaint to the relevant department and only once some conclusive action has been taken, does the complainant get a reply to the progress of his complaint. Initially the Khaki clad heroes were sceptical of the success of this venture, but have been pleasantly surprised at how well received the entire activity has been. So much so that a separate account is being planned for the Traffic Police.

We at xBhp support this venture of engaging the general public by the Mumbai Police and hope that other cities of the country take a cue from them. Here are a few tweets by the Mumbai Police and xBhp's take on them!

PSST: They don't know but literally Kawasaki says 'Let the Good Times Roll'!