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Thread: #inConversation with Siddhartha Lal

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    Default #inConversation with Siddhartha Lal

    Another round of ‘Have a seat, champ’ powered by JK Tyre, Castrol POWER1 RACING, OnePlus and in which we talk to the racers who will be participating in the Final Round of JK Tyre National Racing Championship which will be held at the Buddh International Circuit from 16th to 18th November 2018. We have with us… We’ll just let him introduce himself.

    ‘Hi, I am Siddhartha, an architect by profession with a zest to live life to the fullest. I devote my efforts to all activities that bring me closer to the edge and push my physical and mental limits. This hunger to grow has pushed me to deliver some iconic projects over the last twenty years. When not at my desk I push my limits on high altitude treks or at the Buddha International Circuit on my Yamaha R1.’

    And here’s our conversation with the man:

    When and how did you come into motorcycle racing?
    I have been glued to motorcycle racing since the times of Wayne Rayne and Kevin Schwantz. Since those times I had a desire to race on the track. With JK Superbike Championship, I got the opportunity to realize this dream.

    What has been your biggest achievement in racing so far?
    I finished in top 5 in 2015.

    Where do you want to see yourself in the next 5 years as a motorcyclist?
    I would like to be competitive not sure where the ranking will be but would like to keep improving.

    How are you training/preparing yourself for the JK Tyre Championship?
    I train from August at the track after the rains clear. Before that I am working on my physical training and try to build more flexibility, endurance and strength.

    How do you keep yourself fit, mentally and physically?
    I keep myself involved in various physical activities such as Cycling, trekking and gym to keep myself fit. Apart from racing motorcycles, I have participated in Tour of Nilgiris last year that is a 1000km cycle race spread over 9 days.

    How important do you think is the JK Tyre championship for motosports, particularly motorcycle racing in India?
    Since JK Tyre Championship is the only superbike race in the country, it is the lifeline of motorcycle championship here in India.

    What do you think are the most important things to prepare as a racer that one should keep in mind?
    As a good racer we need to develop patience most of all. Not all days are good days we must keep the morale high which keeps us going through disappointments and keep riding. There will be crashes, there will be times the bike will not work but one has to keep riding.

    Could you please tell us how are you preparing your bike for the JK Tyre championship?
    I have race spec’ed my Yamaha R1 since 2015 and now I maintain it in proper condition with the help of Gurvinder and Simran at Redline Racing store. Recently I took help of Mr Dave Moss, an internationally renowned suspension tuner who has helped me improve the grip levels and increase tyre longevity.

    Which bike will you be riding in the JK Tyre championship and why?
    I ride a 2015 Yamaha R1 in the championships. I love this bike for its engine character, suite of electronics and chassis. Overall, I find it a great package to race with.

    Have you had any crashes while riding and in particular racing? If yes, what did you learn out of it?
    I have had many crashes on this track, the only thing one needs to remember is to get back on the bike. Crashes are inevitable but we must move on. Not to mention crashes are very costly so it is advisable to be slightly cautious and maybe ride at 70% of your potential to avoid them.

    What do you think are two biggest issues that are hampering the growth of motorcycling racing in India?
    The cost of racing is very high and is borne by individuals in India. We have to import all gear such as leather suits, helmets, gloves, boots, motorcycle parts and performance upgrade parts which attract huge duty and freight costs. That is not easy.

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