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Thread: How to get into motorcycle racing in India

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    Default How to get into motorcycle racing in India

    As we mentioned in our article which presented a brief account of how motorcycle racing started, we mentioned a rather philosophical take on why motorcycle racing began. At the basest level, it’s just the competitive spirit that resides in all of us. That is what drives us to compete and when we are on motorcycles, drives us to race. A lot many of us have had the urge to do so. Many of us might still have that lingering fire in us. But in most cases, we are lost on where to begin and that loss of way usually ends up dousing that fire. Even more so in our country where motorsport is not the most visible of sports.

    One may have grown up watching Schwantz and Rainey go at it and wondered if they could be doing that someday. One may have watched Rossi and Gibernau battling for the top price on motorcycle racing and wondered if they would ever have a battle for supremacy like that in motorcycles someday. For the younger generation, they may be seeing Marquez and Dovizioso beat and get beaten by each other by a thousandth of a second and wondering if those fractions of a second would ever mean everything to them. But then, the current state of motorsport in our country makes even dreaming of all that stuff, rather difficult. But not everything is glum because due to efforts of both individuals and OEMs, things are starting to look up. And if you have ever dreamt of racing motorcycles at insane speeds for a moment of glory, you better suit and get ready. And if you are wondering where to start, we have got you covered in that department.

    So, what does it take to be a motorcycle racer in India? One thing that we’d like to get out of the way before we start is that it is not easy. Rajini Krishnan, a man who is extremely talented on a motorcycle told us that his journey was not easy. The first and probably the biggest obstacle in his way was the lack of guidance at his time. That is probably the reason why he started his own racing academy so that the youngsters who are serious about this dream, do not face any hindrance because of the lack of direction. And of course, one cannot just show up at the racetrack to give it a shot because this is serious and considerably dangerous business. All that aside, the first thing that one needs to get before they think of racing, is a racing license.

    Racing licenses in India are issued by the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI). Anyone who holds a civil license for two-wheelers is eligible to apply for a racing license from FMSCI. And the ones who do not will need one of the member clubs to certify that you can actually ride a motorcycle. It is not really difficult to procure a racing license but it is quite complicated. But there is one more way around it. Manufactures like TVS organize training camps which one can attend. These camps are basically training sessions to get one well-versed with the nuances of racing. Once you finish the training session, it becomes much easier to get an FMSCI racing license. Alternatively, one can also join a racing school and a certification from there will also make things much easier.

    Here are the guidelines to get started, straight from the FSMCI:

    As a newcomer, it is natural that you would have searched, read so many articles about motorsport on the internet. We have attempted to help you out in your understanding motorsport in India and globally.

    Motorsports worldwide are divided into two viz.

    1. Two & 3 Wheeler Motorsports
    2. Four & above wheeler Motorsports

    The two and 3 wheeler motorsports globally is governed by an organization called Federation Internationale Motocyclisme (FIM), headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Visit Home: FIM Website for more information.

    The Four and above wheeler Motorsports globally is governed by an organization called Federation Internationale de l’ Automobile (FIA), headquartered in Paris, Geneva. Visit for more information.

    Both FIA and FIM organizations recognize one organization per country to handle motorsports in that Country. The FIA calls such organizations as ASN (National Sporting Authority) and FIM calls it as FMN (National Motorcycle Federation).

    The Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI), headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, is the ASN / FMN in India. FMSCI is also the National Sports Federation (NSF) recognized by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India.

    The FMSCI issues competition licenses, various sporting and technical rules and regulations, appoints officials to oversee events etc. to achieve its goal of promotion, control and governance of motorsports in India. Visit FMSCI – Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India for more information.


    1. Decide which category of motorsports you are interested in. Is it two wheelers or four wheelers?
    2. Decide which type of event you are interested in. There are various types of motorsport events in both 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers.
    3. 2 Wheelers: Road Racing (Circuit Racing), Drag Racing, Supercross, Dirt Track, Hill Climb, Rally etc.
    4. 4 Wheelers: Karting (GoKart), Racing, Rally, Drag Racing, Drifting, Hill Climbs, Gymkhana, Autocross etc.
    5. Having decided which type of event, it’s now time to get your FMSCI Competition License. Please note that there are various competition licenses for various types of events. Any person who is above 18 years must have a Civil Driving License (RTO license) before he applies for any license. Visit>>>Forms and select the respective license application form, fill it up and send it to the FMSCI. Please read the instructions page carefully and ensure that you are eligible for that license and attach all necessary enclosures. After applying, you can check the status of your license in FMSCI :LICENSE CHECK PAGE. While the physical license may take some time to reach you by courier, the confirmed license number on the above website would suffice to take part in events.
    6. You now have your license. You must then decide which event you want to take part in. The Calendar of event section on the front page of the FMSCI website lists the various events that are organized in the Country under the aegis of the FMSCI.
    7. Select the event you want to take part in, contact the organizers of the event or visit their website and get the Supplementary Regulations (SRs) and Entry form for the event. Read the SRs carefully and fill in the entry form, send it to the organizers with relevant enclosures and fees. Keep in touch with the organizers. The motorsporting events are organized by member clubs of the FMSCI (visit FMSCI – Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India >>> FMSCI >>> Member Clubs for their contact details).
    8. There are some events wherein the vehicle is provided for by the organizers/manufacturers/teams. This applies generally for Circuit Racing only and for Formula Cars and one makes events like Volkswagen Cup Series, Toyota Etios Motor Racing, Honda, TVS, Yamaha and the like.
    9. In all other cases, you need to prepare and bring your own vehicle. How do you prepare the vehicle? The Supplementary Regulations will contain details of Groups / Classes of vehicles that are allowed to take part in that event. Vehicles are normally divided based on the cubic capacity and the extent of modification allowed. For example in 2 wheelers you have Group D, Group C, Group B and Group A; similarly, in cars, you have Group N, Group T1, Group T2, Group A etc. There are also special groups like Indian Junior Touring Car, Indian Touring Car, Super Stock etc.
    10. All the Sporting and Technical Regulations for these classes are available on the FMSCI website under ‘Regulations’ menu. You may get the assistance of the organizers of the event on how to hire a Formula Car from the teams for an event or advise of the Tuners for your vehicles.

    Once one gets their racing license, they are more or less eligible to race motorcycles. While taking it straight to the racetrack might not be the best way to go about it, if one still wants to give it a shot, One-Make races, like the ones TVS, Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki organize, are their best bet. Mostly so because all you have to carry to these races is your helmet (has to be FMSCI approved) and racing leathers (it can be rented as well). The manufacturers provide you with the race-prepped motorcycle for the race. All this for a nominal fee and you get the first-hand experience of what motorcycle racing is all about.

    After one races for the first time, they will be able to realize if it was just an experience thing or do they really want to race. And yes, that happens. Now, we did mention that going to take part in a race straight away might not be the best strategy. We say that because while the training session may have familiarized with motorcycle racing, it cannot teach you how to race in the span of a few hours. That is why the best to actually learn racing is to go to a school. A motorcycle racing/school to be precise.

    If one decides that getting to race on the track was just an experience thing, even then they can attend a racing school to become better riders in general. Now, the ones who have decided to go further, the next step would be to take part in the National Championship. But before that, as we stated, it is better to attend a school so that one can get to know the intricacies of motorcycle racing both on and off the track. Off the track, because in order to participate in the National Racing Championship, you need to have your own motorcycle, a mechanic and thorough knowledge of the Sporting Regulations (which alone is enough to deter most).

    We also mentioned that motorcycle racing in India is not easy. Despite things getting better by the day, motorcycle racing is still a very difficult career, even more so in India. One of the biggest problems is the finances because motorcycle racing is expensive. The next problem arises because of the limited reach and visibility of the sport because of which, it is not particularly easy to get sponsorships. So, even after all this if one is determined to make a name for themselves, then a lot of hard work and persistence will be needed but the results, with a bit of luck, are deserving of the work.

    Below are the list and details of a few motorcycle racing schools/academies in India accredited by FMSCI:

    TVS Racing Training School (Chennai)
    Name: B. Selvaraj
    Phone: +919750940685

    Apex Racing Academy (Bengaluru)

    Phone: +91 9071984444
    Whatsapp: +91 7259130123

    Atomic Motorsports (Bengaluru)

    Phone: +919742136000
    Website: Atomic Motorsports – The Racing Metamorphosis

    California Racing Academy (Chennai)

    Name: Amutha Santhosh
    Phone: +91-44-24464344
    Website: The California Superbike School Now in India

    MMST Two Wheeler Racing Academy

    Name: Amit Arora
    Phone: +91-44-42031406

    Rajini Academy for Competitive Racing (RACR) (Chennai)

    Name: Rajini Krishnan
    Phone: +919176065512
    website: RACR
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