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Thread: #inConversation with K. Jagan Kumar

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    Default #inConversation with K. Jagan Kumar

    xBhp: Please introduce yourself to our readers.

    Jagan Kumar: My name is Jagan Kumar, I am a racer by profession and have been associated with TVS Racing for the past 10 years. I am a road racing champion and I race under the 165cc Group B Open category. I have won 8 National Championship titles and I am currently looking to maintain my position this year as well.

    xBhp: When did you start racing?

    Jagan Kumar: I started racing in the year 2007. I got selected in the TVS Racing team from TVS One Make championship; I rode TVS Victor during my initial days. After that, I got a chance to ride for the factory team. This happened in 2009. And since then, I have been racing for TVS Racing team.

    xBhp: What is the best thing you like about the motorcycle you race, the Apache GP 165R?

    Jagan Kumar: The Apache GP 165R is a fantastic motorcycle. It is lightweight, nimble and very powerful considering the displacement. For me, the best part about the motorcycle is the torque and the torqued delivery. There’s so much of it all over the rev range.

    xBhp: What do you think has been your highest point till today in your motorsport career?

    Jagan Kumar: In 2009, I used to ride in the Novice category. And at that time I got to ride in the Asia Cup of Road Racing. Competing with the riders from all over Asia, it was just amazing. And on top of that, I was able to finish in the 3rd place. That is what I believe to be my biggest achievement and the highest point of my career till now. After that event, I got to ride in the 165cc Expert category.

    xBhp: What role has TVS Racing played in your career as a racer?

    Jagan Kumar: I have been associated with TVS Racing from the beginning of my career; they gave me a chance to race for a factory team and provided me with training from the experts. They also provided me with bike, gear and fitness training for my overall growth and stability. The bike has also been modified as per my requirement and it is a perfect machine for the tracks.

    xBhp: How do you prepare yourself for racing mentally and physically?

    Jagan Kumar: For physical fitness, I undergo training every day, in the morning and then in the evening. It is not like a once or twice in a week thing. I train almost every day all-round the year. Apart from that, I also practice riding a lot. And not just road racing which I participate in, I also ride on the dirt tracks. TVS provides us with motorcycles and everything else. So, I train every day for physical fitness and then I try to get as much saddle time as I can both on and off the track.

    For me, practising riding motorcycles works as a mental fitness regime as well. The more practice I can get, the better space I am in mentally. It inculcates motorcycle riding as something that comes naturally to the body and so I have buffer space in my mind which I can utilize to form a strategy while racing.

    xBhp: What is your next target?

    Jagan Kumar: The next big event for me is the National Championship. I would like to do some international events this year, I am in talks with the team, will let you know as and when something gets finalized.

    xBhp: What was the most difficult phase in your career to date?

    Jagan Kumar: There have been a lot of difficult instances in my career, a lot of phases full of disappointment. I told you about competing with Asian riders. But it wasn’t always easy. In a lot of races, I did not get any podium. I was working really hard and yet, I was not able to get the result that I wanted. And that hurts a lot sometimes. But the point is to keep going and not give up. You cannot give up after the amount of work you have already put in. And that is what I did. I kept on going, worked harder and finally, I was able to secure a podium in the Asian Championship.

    xBhp: What do you think is the biggest challenge in front of Indian motorsport?

    Jagan Kumar: The biggest roadblock is obviously the hardship in getting sponsors. Motorsport is not very popular in India and therefore, not a lot of manufacturers are willing to invest in it or on riders. Motorsports is an expensive sport and in India, there is no dearth of talent.

    xBhp: Do you have any tips for aspiring racers?

    Jagan Kumar: The only thing I’d like to say to them is to focus on the training and racing. Combine that with a strong spirit and a lot of hard work and good things will follow.
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