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Thread: #inConversation with Aishwarya Pissay

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    Default #inConversation with Aishwarya Pissay

    xBhp: Please introduce yourself to our readers.

    Aishwarya Pissay: My name is Aishwarya Pissay and I am a racer with TVS Racing team from past three years now. I am a Maharashtrian but been in Bangalore all my life and the city is home to me. I did my schooling from MSS, Basavangudi and under graduation from Surana College in Bangalore. I come from a conservative family, where racing was not considered a career but thankfully I have managed to change that perception. Despite initial resistance, they have now accepted my decision to become a racer and are happy with my achievements.

    xBhp: When did you start riding motorcycles and how did you get into competitive motorcycling?

    Aishwarya Pissay: I started riding at the age of 18. It was more of a weekend travelling thing which is how I started motorcycling. Competitive racing was honestly something I did on a whim. My first race was something I just tried and I didn’t do well. So, I wanted to take it up more seriously and that’s how it started for me.

    xBhp: Could you tell us more about your association with TVS Racing?

    Aishwarya Pissay: I‘ve been associated with TVS Racing for 3 years now. It’s been a fantastic journey and it’s going to get better. It has been upscale for me in terms of my career growth.

    xBhp: Road racing and rallying are two different disciplines. How do you manage to do both?

    Aishwarya Pissay: They’re different disciplines in terms of styles. But at the end of the day, the basics of riding a motorcycle are the same, be it off-road or on it. The training I have undergone for road racing and rallying has helped me shift from one genre to another.

    xBhp: Is there an overlap of techniques between the two?

    Aishwarya Pissay: In road racing, you mostly know what’s ahead of you. You know the track by heart and lap by lap you work on improving your lines, defence, offence etc. In rallying, it’s different. You don’t know what you may encounter because the terrain varies drastically and quickly. It helps your perceptive skills. And that’s something I can use in road racing too in order to plan ahead and be ready for any uncertainties. Rear slides are common in off-road racing so that helps on track too in a way that it does not unsettle me anymore. Late braking and being in control at higher speeds is something that I have carried from road racing to rallying.

    xBhp: You have had a lot of international exposure so how does the level of competition vary from here to abroad?

    Aishwarya Pissay: Almost all the people I have raced abroad started racing at a very early age. So, there is a huge gap, not in terms of skill but in terms of experience which is always a big deciding factor. So, racing there is very difficult but a lot more fun as well.

    xBhp: How do you keep yourself mentally and physically fit?

    Aishwarya Pissay: I train on a regular basis for both mental and physical fitness. I have a mental conditioning coach and a physical conditioning coach who I work with on an everyday basis. We do meditation, work on improving cognitive function along with other fitness regimes. Then we replicate real-life situations in my training sessions i.e. race simulation. So, that is how I work on being race fit.

    xBhp: What was the most difficult phase in your motorsport career?

    Aishwarya Pissay: For me, the most difficult part, almost always, is being off my motorcycle. Not being able to participate in races is tough. There have been instances where it happened because of an injury. Last year, post my Spain Baja injury, I was not able to race or even ride for 2 months, that was the most difficult phase, until now.

    xBhp: Please tell us about your most difficult race yet.

    Aishwarya Pissay: The toughest race for me was in 2017. I had an accident where I broke my collarbone and I had a surgery for that the same day. I had a race in about 6 days and I was leading the championship (road racing). That was one of the most difficult races of my life but it was the most memorable one too because I won the championship and the weekend after that, I won a rally too.

    xBhp: What are your plans for the future?

    Aishwarya Pissay: Currently, I am leading the World Baja Rally Championship in the Women’s category and I am at the 2nd place in Junior’s category on World Championship ranking. I have two more international events, sequels of the 2 races that I have done in the World Baja Rally Championship, the Spain Baja and Hungarian Baja. Along with this I will participate in some of the National events as well. I really look forward to Dakar in a couple of years.

    xBhp: Any words for aspiring racers and female racers who’d like to be a part of motorsports?

    Aishwarya Pissay: I aspire to inspire a lot more women to come into motorsports. As a female, I’ve had many people tell me that what I’m doing is not my cup of tea and I should choose something else. While they may have to go through that as well but then there are manufacturers like TVS who are supporting women and bringing more and more of them into motorsport. So, if they really want to pursue racing and motorcycling as a passion they should really go forward and do it and not let the naysayers stop them.
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