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Thread: BMW introduced emergency e-call system for Motorcycles

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    Default BMW introduced emergency e-call system for Motorcycles

    BMW announced a smart emergency call system for motorcycles to get a quick help in case of an accident. The optional add-on, can be manually activated or automatically triggered by a collision or fall, immediately sending message to BMW call centre for help.

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    The BMW 'Intelligent Emergency Call' system is a small module that can be fitted on the right side of handlebar. It includes a built-in speaker and microphone and a emergency SOS button that can used for activating or cancelling a call.

    The e-Call requires a connection to the mobile phone network in order to trigger the rescue chain. In the “intelligent emergency call” option, the connection is established via the permanently installed mobile communication unit. For the connection no specific mobile operator is required. All that is necessary is at least one operational mobile provider.

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    The intelligent emergency call takes three scenarios into account:

    Scenario 1: Automatic triggering in the case of a bad fall / collision.

    The emergency call is automatically triggered without time delay, sending a message to a qualified BMW Call Center. The accident victim/rider is taken care of by the BMW Call Center via audio connection until the emergency service arrives. Help is sent out in any case even if there is no response. A display in the instrument cluster shows that the eCall has been initiated. An acoustic signal is also set off. In this case the rider cannot cancel the emergency call any more.

    Scenario 2: Automatic triggering in the case of a minor fall / collision.

    In this case the emergency call is only triggered after 25 seconds before sending a message to the BMW Call Center. If no help is necessary after only a non-serious accident, the accident victim/rider has the opportunity of cancelling the emergency call at the press of a button. If he does not cancel, the rescue chain is initiated as in scenario 1. A display in the instrument cluster shows that the eCall has been initiated. An acoustic signal is also set off.

    Scenario 3: Manual triggering by pressing a button

    In this case the eCall is triggered manually by pressing the SOS button on the right handlebar end, e.g. for calling help for other road users in need. A message is sent to the BMW Call Center and a voice connection is established. A voice connection is mandatory if the eCall was triggered manually before further measures are initiated. Here too, the accident victim/rider is also given the opportunity to cancel the emergency call at the press of a button or by turning off the ignition. The intelligent emergency call can only be triggered manually when the motorcycle is stationary with the ignition on.

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    The “intelligent emergency call” system recognises non-emergency situations - The emergency call is not triggered automatically in non-emergency situations (e.g. if the bike falls over in a stationary position or in accidents at low speeds with no other traffic user involved, a shock to the bike when riding over a pothole or while off-road riding (e.g. small jumps or riding over obstructions).

    Sensors on the motorcycle detect which event occurred. A crash sensor detects events such as collisions with another vehicle or crashing into an obstruction. A banking angle sensor detects high and low-siders, i.e. which position the motorcycle is in.

    The intelligent emergency call system, available in a BMW motorcycle for the first time, constitutes a premium service with international coverage. When a voice connection is made, the rider can communicate with the BMW Call Center in his native language. This is a stand-alone feature which is highly effective in an emergency situation. The optional “intelligent emergency call” will be rolled out in Germany first and then also introduced quickly to further European markets and models.

    News Source: BMW Press release

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    Default Re: BMW introduced emergency e-call system for Motorcycles

    Calls it an emergency system yet its an Optional Add-on. Good job BMW

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