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Thread: MotoGP 2016: Austria – Ducati’s first win since 2010

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    Default MotoGP 2016: Austria – Ducati’s first win since 2010

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    On 14th August 2016, after six years since Philip Island in 2010, Ducati gets their first win in MotoGP, and it is quite overwhelming!

    Ducati’s trouble in getting to the stop step of the podium is hardly a primetime story, and that their motorcycle has been the most difficult to race on is a well-known fact as well. Until 2015 that is. No rider since Casey Stoner has been successful on that bright red motorcycle on the grid. Even the dream get-together of Valentino Rossi and Ducati did not nearly produce the results everyone of us expected (or at least hoped for).

    But we have heard and read enough of that already. This time, though, it is a different day and different story – Ducati Wins Again!

    And the rider who brought them this much-awaited win is someone who many thought was least likely to do so, someone who doesn’t enjoy a reputation of a “safe rider”. And how could he when he carries the nickname “Maniac Joe”. Yes, he’s Andrea Iannone and he brought Ducati their first win in six years.

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    Thumbs down Re: MotoGP 2016: Austria – Ducati’s first win since 2010

    I see a rough, but very interesting pattern in Ducati..
    Casey Stoner crashed heavily in 2006, before he got on to Ducati and won the title. This raised Stoner's level to a cult of rare racers who can produce results with a difficult bike like the GP7.

    Now, its this guy, who has a similar hunger for winning. So much that he has risked not only himself, but his teammate and other racers too at times. And he wins on the mystery bike somehow now.

    So, are we seeing another Stoner?

    Maybe. The world might agree as we're readin an article on this.
    But no, like I said, its a very rough pattern and not at all conclusive of anything.
    Plus, any one racer should not raise the stakes so high for his own benefit, that it risks the entire grid. Its just not ethical.

    He needs to think a long term plan or he will remain a one hit wonder, or maybe not even that.
    Today he wins, what about tomorrow? Remember Gary McCoy?
    McCoy rose to the top using his plan of sliding the motorcycle in a turn, among other skills too. But how long did it last? How long, compared to say, Valentino Rossi? If he spends more time is hospital than on track, who will support him?
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    Default Re: MotoGP 2016: Austria – Ducati’s first win since 2010

    Quote Originally Posted by Samarth 619 View Post
    So, are we seeing another Stoner?
    Not really, Stoner has always been a very mature racer. (not talking about his complaining during press meets.)
    And Andrea Iannone is not. Not yet at least. He'll need to grown up if he wants to keep winning races or maybe even a World Championship.

    Iannone is definitely a very talented racer with a burning desire to do whatever it takes to snatch away a position from another rider.

    The only two racers who've demonstrated that 'madness' in recent times have been Marquez and Simoncelli (and maybe Aleix Espargaro too)

    When Rossi overtook Iannone early in yesterdays race, Iannone fought back right away; And it was a real aggressive move. Very Marquezy.

    Yes, Iannone needs to understand the dangers of motor racing and he needs to mature a little. Soon.

    The up and comers are Vinales and Iannone for sure. IA29 will be at a disadvantage on the Suzuki, but man has this guy got potential!

    It's very likely we'll see IA29 win at philip island too this year.

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