This gentleman, named John Morris is building the World's Longest Racetrack which is just 45 minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip in the USA! It will be 15 miles long when completed. But hold on.

They are also
building / thinking of the following :

  • 1.8 kms long straight for landing and taking off private jets which will double up as drag racing strips!

  • A lake where you can jet ski and more!

  • 6 mile off road desert track where you can take ATVs, trucks and what not - maybe a mini Dakar rally!

  • The 200 trackside lots will have the most luxurious homes, spas and what not. Forget Dolby 5.1!

  • And.., wait read all about it here.

And some more info :

Official Website
Location on Map

And yes, just incase you land in
USA with dollops of cash and nothing else, just head to Spring Mountain, buy yourself a villa and a couple of Wolf Race Cars (yes they sell some of the world's best racing cars as well!) and call your best friend to give you company!

But, the big BUT - What if Morris can get this track opened to motorcyclists and subsequently to F1 and
MotoGp! You never know! Finally, USA will have it's own equivalent of Nurburgring!

Partly sourced
from : Bloomberg