The Polish motorcycle stunt rider Maciej 'DOP' Bielicki has set a new world record in the longest motorcycle burn-out.

On the 20th of May 2017 in the city of Rzeszow, southeast Poland, the previous record was broken by Maciej DOP Bielicki, leading Polish stunt rider and the only stunt rider in Poland, who performs tricks on Harley-Davidson brand motorcycle.

New record stands at 4479.47 meters (2.78 miles) and was set in the first attempt. The bike on which the record was set is the latest Harley-Davidson Street Rod (750 ccm engine), which was unveiled in March 2017. The previous record was set last year in the USA, when on the bigger capacity engine (1200 cc) the distance covered was 37oo meters (2.3 miles).

After the investigation of evidence materials provided by the organizers, Guinness World Records has officially approved the record and since July 2017 the title belongs to the Poles.

The event was organized by GOC Harley-Davidson Rzeszow, the biggest Harley-Davidson dealership in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe and Game Over Cycles (GOC), custom bike manufacturer and owner of H-D Rzeszow dealership. The idea originators were GOC and Stunt Story - Poland’s first Harley-Davidson stunt show.

On the achievement of Maciej, Stanisław Myszkowski, owner of GOC Harley-Davidson Rzeszow explains, "DOP Bielicki required extraordinary skills. After 300 meters of the ride with the burn-out, the brakes get blocked, brake liquid starts boiling and you can’t release the brakes any more. Throughout the whole attempt, so about 10 minutes, you have to keep holding the brake, move your body weight onto the bike’s front in order to unweight the rear tire as much as possible, and at the same time continuously control the machine so it wouldn't stop burning the tire at any moment. If this process had stopped even for a second, the attempt wouldn't have been approved and we would have had to start all over again. We would have to change the brake pads, tire, and start again. The biker would also need to rest, as this kind of machine controlling maneuvers requires a lot of physical strength. Stunter, on one hand, enforces critical overload on the bike, on the other drifts where he wants and both of those actions combined are very spectacular.”

Maciej DOP Bielicki - creator and main man behind stunt story shares his view on the attempt: "I have been preparing for this attempt for a month. Last week before the attempt I spent practicing on the bike I was going to break the record on, so Harley-Davidson Street Rod. The route was a bit of challenge because it was not a straight line. It’s a regular street by which Harley-Davidson Rzeszow dealership is located, which was shut down for the traffic for the time of the attempt. It contains two crossings I had to go through and I one roundabout I had to turn around at. Besides, in various places of the route there were different road slope angles, which made the continuous drift and burn-out challenging, but eventually, everything went well. I am very happy, that we made it and I would like to thank everybody involved in making this attempt successful.

The motorcycle, on which the record was set, was not modified. Similarly, the tire used for the attempt was a serial, commercially available model, which was the conditions for the record to be approved. Except for that, in order for the record to be officially certified, the organizers had to submit to the Guinness World Records the unedited video recording of the whole drive, at least two witness statements as well as distance measurement performed by qualified geodesist. The evidence documentation for record verification also included infrared camera footage showing, that the rear wheel did not stop burning out even for a second.

In the activity of Game Over Cycles we keep hearing, that something we want to do is 'impossible'. It’s impossible to build and actually tattoo a motorcycle, but we did create our Recidivist - world’s first tattooed bike. You can’t make a music-inspired bike, in which the parts would be both instruments and fully operational elements of the construction, but that’s how it is in our Hard Rock Cafe Bike. We were also told, that we wouldn’t be able to build the biggest Harley dealership in the Central-Eastern Europe. Yet we think, that both in life and work, passion and belief are very important. Maybe that is why we like working with people, who think the same. Maciej does his tricks on Harley, which is about 100 kg heavier than bike usually used for stunt. He was also told that this couldn't be done, so we joined forces and proved, that if you love what you do, believe in yourself and most of all work hard, anything is possible, breaking a world Guinness record too”

Attempt date: 20.05.2017
Attempt venue: Ludwika Chmury street by GOC Harley-Davidson Rzeszów
Record holder: Maciej DOP Bielicki in collaboration with Game Over Cycles
Official distance: 4479.47 meters (2.78 miles)
Motorcycle: Harley-Davidson Street Rod

Source: Game Over Cycles