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Thread: Blaze Laserlight: A Safety Gadget for Cyclists

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    Default Blaze Laserlight: A Safety Gadget for Cyclists

    Blaze, a UK based company has introduced an innovative product for urban cyclists called the Blaze Laserlight to enable more safety on the road.

    The Blaze Laserlight projects a green image of the bike 20 feet a head of the cyclist on the road which gives an alert to the drivers and pedestrians to know that a cyclist is on the way near them.

    In most of the situations, bicyclists will often be ignored by big vehicles passing by because of the scenarios like blind spots, junctions, and dark areas where cyclists won't be visible to them at all.

    And the report says, 79 percent of the cyclists are involved in accidents by traveling straight while other vehicles taking turns over junctions and blind spots.

    Emily Brooke, the founder, and CEO of Blaze said, "One of the most obvious cases is pedestrians stepping off the pavement in front of cyclists, especially when they're glued to a smartphone and they step into a bike lane. They see the Laserlight coming before they see you.

    They found that a bicycle with a Laserlight is more visible to a driver in pitch black than a bike without one in broad daylight. 70 percent of cyclists said they felt more confident riding with a Laserlight.

    I remember stopping near an intersection near where I live, and little kids are like, 'Wow, look at that. That's so cool. And I had other women stop me while I was riding and ask me about it and want to know where I got it and how it works." also Brooke says, "The independent British studies have shown the Blaze works well around buses, vans, cars, and trucks, in different light conditions and road surfaces."

    The gadget is available online to buy. Also, the Laserlight is being road-tested on 250 bikes of bike-sharing services such as 'Citi Bike' in New York.
    Citi Bike spokeswoman Dani Simons told, "Riding in New York comes with its challenges. Our streets are very crowded. People have to contend with drivers, with pedestrians, with other cyclists on the road, so the Blaze lights really help make you a little bit more visible on the streets."

    Citi Bike’s pilot program also features the 'Safety for Women' by highlighting the importance of the Blaze Laserlight.

    "Right now, women make up about 30 percent of our ridership, and we think that should obviously be closer to 50 percent, which is what women are in the population. And we think doing more visible things to demonstrate our commitment to safety and to make the bikes feel safer will be more inviting to more women.”

    While coming to know on such innovations on road safety for cyclists, a sad moment flashing in mind was the former MotoGP world champion Nicky Hayden who died after he was involved in a cycling accident.

    Source: | Photos: Blaze
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    Default Re: Blaze Laserlight: A Safety Gadget for Cyclists


    I rode a bicycle (to the exclusion of owning any other vehicle) in Delhi / Gurgaon, often to office and back, for many years. I eventually switched to a motorcycle and have since gotten a lot fatter, but that's another story.

    The problem in India isn't visibility, the problem is that people don't really give a crap and expect you to stop, even if they're the ones breaking a red light and you have the green, simply because they're in the larger vehicle and protected in a cage of metal and you're a nobody because you're riding a bicycle and are therefore worthless in their eyes.

    That said, being more visible is always a bonus for any vehicle, especially for night riding. I don't mind looking like a Christmas tree on wheels if it means there's a higher chance I won't get turned into a chappati on the road.
    Urban Gypsies MC

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    Default Re: Blaze Laserlight: A Safety Gadget for Cyclists

    Rightly said. In Bangalore it's even worse . I used to 16km one way to office. After 2 months I gave up as it's too much risk and pollution. Instead I cycle over weekends.

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