The successful 125 cc family is growing - the 250 cc model will be presented for the first time at the EICMA.

The new motorcycle brand BRIXTON
was unexpectedly presented for the first time at the EICMA two years ago. The market launch of the first model, the BX 125, followed in early 2017. Classic design, modern equipment, high quality workmanship and engines engineered in Japan have led to a terrific market success: The BX 125 is one of the most popular motorcycles in the 125 cc category in almost all European countries.

At its first presentation at the Vietnam Motorcycle Show in May 2017, an incredible 500 vehicles were sold to end customers just at the exhibition stand. Following their huge success in Europe and Vietnam, KSR Group is close to signing contracts with importers from almost 50 other countries around the globe. On the production side, investments in a new, state-of-the-art factory have already been made, in order to meet global demand.

Now the BX 125 family, which up to now has included the classic BX 125, the Café Racer BX 125 R and the BX 125 X with studded
tyres, has expanded with the introduction of a special new model. The sporty BX 125 Haycroft is a 'half fairing' model, meaning that it has aerodynamic cladding on the front in a classic style. Its sportiness is emphasised with installed footrests and adjustable shock absorbers. Named after a street in London's Brixton district, the special edition is limited to 444 units.

Another innovation in the 125 cc segment: in 2018, the BX 125 will also be available with optional ABS.

A rapid expansion of the product range had already been announced at the premiere in 2015, and those words were followed by actions at the EICMA 2017. The BX 250 is not just a BX 125 with a larger engine, but rather a completely redesigned model, in an independent style featuring
KOSO LED indicators in the handlebars, BRIXTON LED headlamps, LED tail light and side-mounted license plate bracket. Following the motto "Any direction.

As long as it's your own.", BX 250 owners can easily customise their machine to their personal taste, for example, with individually tailored wood inserts on the tank. Of course, the BX 250 is a technically state-of-the-art model: The 250 cc twin-cylinder injection engine has been developed in Japan, the rear shocks are adjustable, the front provides an upside-down suspension fork for low masses without suspension, and of course, the BX 250 is offered exclusively with ABS from the very start.

injects enthusiasm into the sporty styled scooters scene with the DEMONIO

In recent years, it's been a little quiet in the sports scooter scene, many classically styled novelties caused a stir while the young audience - regardless of whether male or female - returned their attention to switchgear motorcycles.

KSR MOTO wants to change that with the DEMONIO. Its design is more radically streamlined for sportiness than anything previously seen - every scooter looks "harmless" in comparison to the DEMONIO. Particularly striking: the two narrow, in the middle pointed converging headlight slots and the steeply rearward running rear, which finds its conclusion in LED taillights. KSR MOTO also uses LEDs on the front indicators, which are flush with the sharply defined front spoiler. Overall this creates a dynamic which was previously seen only in Superbikes, meaning the DEMONIO undoubtedly deserves the title "Super sports scooter".

The DEMONIO 125 will start in the spring of 2018, and in time for the end of the
school the 50 cc version with Euro 4 compliant four-stroke engine will be released.

The world premiere of the Lambretta V-Special at the EICMA in Milan

The first model
was created almost exactly 70 years ago and during their 24-year production period they became true cult vehicles: The Lambretta scooters.
The time has finally come at the EICMA 2017: The iconic brand will celebrate its rebirth with the V-Special model, which will be presented to the general public for the first time - following an exclusive sneak preview for the press and importers in June. Like the historic Lambretta, the new V-Special also features a steel body, replaceable side panels (in carbon on request!),
aluminium forged parts and the undeniable Lambretta design, which is also reflected in the many elaborate details. The models are named with the dynamic type designations, V50 Special, V125 Special and V200 Special.

The world-renowned Austrian design studio of KISKA (known for the styling of many models by KTM, Husqvarna, KSR MOTO and CFMOTO) has been working closely together with the Italian Lambretta community to create a design which presents a successful synthesis of classic Lambretta elements and modern interpretations. The new Lambretta naturally uses the latest level of technology: LED taillights, disc brakes on the front and rear, digital displays (do not worry, the speedometer remains
analogue!) and, of course, the 50 cc version has a four-stroke engine from the start and the emission standard corresponds to Euro 4. An App with Bluetooth connection will follow.

The new V-Special will go into production at the end of 2017. In February 2018, the first models of a limited pre-series will be available for you to admire at selected dealers in Europe, the delivery of production vehicles beginning in Europe in March 2018.

It is not only in Europe however that there is such enormous interest in the resurrected cult scooter. From Australia and New Zealand via Korea,
Singapore and Thailand to Brazil, Lambretta has already been able to find importers and contract negotiations are close to completion in around 50 other countries.
The Austrian KSR Group will be responsible for sales in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain and also in the mother country of Lambretta - Italy. The sales prices are already fixed for these countries: The V50 Special will be available from EUR 2,799.00, the V125 Special will follow with prices starting at EUR 3,399.00 and the V200 Special will start at EUR 3,999.00.

While mass production is about to begin, Lambretta is already busy working on other models and engines.
models are planned, as well as larger engines and electric versions.

Behind the new Lambrettas is the Austrian-based Lambretta GmbH, a joint venture of the Lambretta Consortium (Innocenti SA, with headquarters located in Lugano, Switzerland), which owns all the brand rights and the Austrian KSR Group GmbH.