Arch Motorcycle Company debut the highly anticipated 2018 KRGT-1, ARCH 1s, and ARCH METHOD 143

ARCH MOTORCYCLE co-founders Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger announced today at the 75th edition of EICMA the future of the company with the debut of their highly anticipated new models; the 2018 KRGT-1, the ARCH 1s, and the ARCH METHOD 143.

Arch Motorcycle Company is a boutique manufacturer, co-founded by Gard Hollinger and Keanu Reeves, that produces bespoke, custom-production motorcycles in their state-of-the-art, Los Angeles area factory. ARCH CNC machined in-house over 200 unique parts out of billet
aluminium, which have been used to compose the KRGT-1, their first model of production. Designer and Builder Gard Hollinger supervises an expert staff of skilled craftsmen who assemble each unit by hand to meet the ergonomic and aesthetic preferences of the client. Arch Motorcycle has recently partnered with Suter Industries to create the European distribution channel Arch Europe to handle distribution and sales for all Arch Motorcycle models across Europe.

“We’re very excited to have presented two motorcycles that represent our vision for the future of Arch Motorcycle,” said Arch Motorcycle co-founders Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger. “This also marks our commitment to having our motorcycle being Euro 4 compliant, and by creating the European distribution channel Arch Europe with our partner Suter Industries, we look forward to continuing to grow the brand in Europe after EICMA 2017.”

2018 KRGT-1:

The original ARCH KRGT-1 launched in 2015. The purpose and goals were to introduce a custom tailored, performance cruiser that could be ridden aggressively and also be comfortable for long distances. The newest refined version of this vision will launch in 2018 with a focus on ergonomic enhancements to the bodywork. Other improvements
include, updated front suspension, upgraded brakes with optional ABS and EURO 4 compliance.

124 Cubic Inch, 2032cc American V-Twin engine
Steel frame with CNC machined aluminum sub-frame
New Ohlins FGRT series fork and ARCH proprietary rear shock
BST Carbon Fiber 5 spoke wheels
Forward control/Mid Control options available
Custom fit and finish per client

Arch 1s:

ARCH Motorcycle’s first production single-sided swingarm motorcycle, comes as an evolution of its brother the KRGT-1. This model is sport
influenced with a more aggressive riding position while still keeping hold of its performance cruiser formulation. CNC Machined Aluminum and extensive use of Carbon Fiber flow within the lines of this elegant yet race inspired motorcycle.

124 Cubic Inch, 2032cc American V-Twin engine
CNC Machined
aluminiumback-bone and sub-frame
Newly designed CNC machined
and carbon fiber fuel tank with integrated fuel filler enclosure
Carbon fiber 7 spoke BST wheels
ABS Optional—Euro 4 compliant

Arch Method 143:

Forward thinking and engineering artistry
has been a foundation for ARCH motorcycle. This focus accelerated ARCH in introducing its first concept production motorcycle. Featuring a Carbon Fiber Mono-Cell chassis, this progressively designed machine will be limited to 23 units. The layering design concept and elegant craftsmanship of the bodywork includes leather, carbon fiber
and artfully programmed CNC machined aluminum.

143 Cubic Inch, 2343cc Engine
Arch designed, Suter Industries manufactured CNC machined aluminum, single-sided swingarm with carbon fiber cover
CNC machined aluminum bodywork with integrated layered leather seat
Arch designed mobile phone dash display
Proprietary Ohlins FGRT series front fork with carbon fiber air-foil
SC Projects, full titanium/carbon fiber exhaust system
Arch designed BST carbon fiber turbine wheels
Proprietary headlight design