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Thread: Bikers Group arises in Libya post Gaddafi

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    Default Bikers Group arises in Libya post Gaddafi

    In Libya, a group of bikers has done a small circuit ride around the city's main square area and also a short ride around city's coastal road in central Tripoli.

    You might ask, "
    whats the big deal in doing a ride around the city?" Well!

    In Libya, freedom of association and assembly was highly restricted under the rule of Muammar Gaddafi, Former Prime Minister of Libya. People were not allowed to form groups or associations to express their freedom of speech or any activities together. The scenario started changing after Gaddafi’s ouster in 2011 and people of Libya started pursuing their hobbies and freedom to move around openly.

    In 2012,
    Maruan Aghila, an embassy employee in a black Guns N’ Roses waistcoat started riding his Suzuki Intruder along with few bikers in Libya. They named their group as 'The Monsters' and it is one of at least four biker groups now active in the capital.

    While expressing their views on the biking group to Reuters, the members of the groups said, "The Monster group started in 2012. Before
    that we weren’t allowed to have groups. So it’s a positive result of the revolution.” Maruan Aghila.

    “People do this to have a bit of a break, to live like human beings a little,” said Bilal Khatap, a 37-year-old car dealer who rides a green Harley Davidson.
    Some bikers have imported powerful modern racing bikes, some bikers have worked on their older and classic models to ride on.

    “You can order parts on Amazon,
    Ebay. It’s really expensive, but it’s possible,” said Aghila.

    Biker groups from other major cities around Libya including Benghazi and Zawiya have also started going for weekend rides and sometimes on cross-country rides as well.

    “Every now and again there are security problems on the road and we can’t leave, but normally it’s fine and we can go anywhere,”

    In a 2015 report on road safety by the World Health Organization, Libya has an estimated road traffic death rate of 73 per 100,000 population, far higher than any other country listed.

    A veteran, 60-year-
    oldbiker Abdu Saghezli, who worked as a mechanic in Texas before returning to Libya in 2007, told that when he was riding a white Suzuki Hayabusa, militiamen at a checkpoint had pulled a gun on him and tried to steal his bike in early 2015.

    "Biking in Libya, or indeed driving, is not for the fainthearted. Road habits tend to reflect the country's wider lawlessness.
    It’s very dangerous. If you can drive in Libya, you can drive anywhere.” said Saghezli

    Heartwarming to see people of that war-torn country taking up motorcycling to express their freedom. We hope the biking spirit will keep the people of Libya strong and united.

    Source & Photo: REUTERS / Ahmed Jadallah

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    Default Re: Bikers Group arises in Libya post Gaddafi

    Sorry doesn't want to make it a political discussion. Libya, once Africas most developed country has been ruin by the west's fake propaganda war. Turning from the most developed to least.
    Good to see resilience but would have been good if they would have demonstrated against the capitalist war machine which is destroying world by pretending to be its protector.

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