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Thread: Can-Am Ryker: 76 bhp, CVT in a three-wheeled roadster. Make sense?

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    Default Can-Am Ryker: 76 bhp, CVT in a three-wheeled roadster. Make sense?

    Looks are subjective they say but one thing is for sure, a three-wheeled roadster catches a lot of attention. One of the most popular three-wheeled roadster out there is Can-Am Spyder. If you are wondering, no, they don’t sell it here in India. Now the Can-am Spyder was a little too expensive for some people, but now Can-am has come up with the Ryker. Reports suggest that it will cost half its price. The Spyder F3 costs $28,890 in Australia. Going by the assumptions, the Ryker should be priced at about $14,000-$15,000. In Australia, it will qualify under LAMS (Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme)

    The main reason behind such a massive price gap might be the reduction in the displacement of the engine crammed in the roadsters. While the Spyder displaces 1330cc, the Ryker is expected to come in two variants: 600cc and 900cc. The Ryker is a bare-bone roadster. It’s expected to come with a no maintenance drive shaft, instead of a belt. The transmission will be CVT. The same transmission we see in gearless scooters. Just twist the throttle and off you go!

    Since its being targeted at novices, it has one foot brake on the right that is linked to front and back wheels. Talking about the performance figures, the 600cc parallel twin is expected to deliver 46.9 hp and the 900cc triple is expected to churn out 76.43 hp. It’s very less as compared to the Spyder’s 113.9 hp but the Ryker weighs substantially less as well. The Ryker weighs 272 kg, which is a third lighter as compared to the Spyder.

    A passenger seat can be fitted by paying an extra $US600. It will require adding a separate rear frame as well. To appeal to the more adventurous millennials, there will also be a Ryker Rally edition which is going to set the buyer back by $US10,999. It won’t be just a cosmetic change. The mechanic changes will include longer travel suspension, knobby tyres and a rally riding mode which allow the rear wheel to slide. Fun? Fun. The Ryker won’t fall short on the safety front as well. All the model will be equipped with ABS and traction control.

    Josée Perreault, Can-Am spokesman commented on the Ryker saying that “The roadster will appeal to a younger demographic than the average age of Spyder buyers at 62. Our average buyer’s age is on the high side doesn’t bother us at all. Actually, we’re embracing it. These are people who have both a comfortable amount of disposable income and time to enjoy life. They use their Spyders to travel, to be with their friends, to have fun, and they love ’em. On the other hand, we know there’s a substantial mass of potential that would love to own a Spyder but can’t. Our dealers keep telling us how they snap up a used unit as soon as one becomes available. We also know there are people out there wondering if they’d really like the riding experience or not. They’re uncertain. We know others just want a toy to occasionally play with. And we know there are young people who’d love to go ride, but can’t afford it. What’s common to all these groups is the desire for a price low enough to make it easy for them to make that decision and buy a 3-wheeler.”

    We wonder how a vehicle like this would fair in a country like ours. Dust and pollution might be the least of the worries for someone driving around in India in a vehicle like this. Really large vehicles, people enacting ‘Spitting Cobras’ and all that make it a bit too outrageous for India. And also, we have our own definition of 'three-wheelers' and not a lot of us are big fans of that.

    But if it was to be launched, pricing of this three-wheeled roadster will decide its fate. Whether it will be positioned as a lifestyle product or if priced aggressively, a substitute to the motorcycles which produce the same power. But in the case of Ryker, it can’t be put into the same league as the motorcycles, given the way it looks. We expect it to start a segment of its own. After all, who wouldn't want do something like this (see the photo below) in Spiti or Pangot.


    We tested out the Can-Am Spyder, something just like the Ryker, in Australia for around 2000 kms.

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    Default Re: Can-Am Ryker: 76 bhp, CVT in a three-wheeled roadster. Make sense?

    Now thats dope! Its like a reverse AutoRickshaw.... Wait...
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    Default Re: Can-Am Ryker: 76 bhp, CVT in a three-wheeled roadster. Make sense?

    If I was a 60 year old veteran biker, I would love to ride one of these with my group boys..
    For Indian Market, we have to wait before this concept catches up. I've seen these in Harley biker Groups abroad....
    In a country where purchasing even KTM or Kawasaki bikes raises questions (talking about small and big cities both), we're a far way from accepting this even as premium mainstream product.
    However, Ryker may occupy a niche of its own with maybe 150 to 250 units per year. At this price at least.

    Our perception of a typical 3 wheeler is also to blame.
    If this was a 4 wheeler with everything else roughly similar, people would perceive it as something better...

    Let's see....
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    Default Re: Can-Am Ryker: 76 bhp, CVT in a three-wheeled roadster. Make sense?

    It (the Ryker) might fare better in India, but here in the US, the big-brother Spyder (despite being marketed at affluent younger riders) is being bought almost exclusively by older (50+) riders as touring mounts. It doesn't help that, for the price of the relatively-mild "performance" version of the Spyder, you can buy a Hayabusa, and the upscale "touring" version costs almost 50% more than a Goldwing.

    However, I would think that these trikes would be even worse sellers in India, where their ride height means you won't see them in traffic, and their width and lack of maneuverability means they'll be horrible to ride in traffic.
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