MV Agusta makes beautiful motorcycles. And then MV Agusta partners with other manufacturers to make ‘Limited Edition’ bikes that look like the forbidden apple of Eden, quite literally. Take the MV Agusta F4 RR RC for an example. It’s just majestic. And this time around they have partnered with another Italian stalwart, Pirelli, to bring to you this very very beautiful motorcycle, MV Agusta Dragster 800 RR Pirelli.

The base motorcycle is the MV Agusta Dragster 800 RR updated for the 2018 model year. It makes 140 bhp from the 3-cylinder housed in that sinuous bodywork. And then the cosmetic work is done by Pirelli Design Team. They have created two designs one done in yellow and black, while the other is in a white and blue livery.

These special edition motorcycles have a lot of design elements portraying Pirelli. The most prominent ones are the tank pad and the dash-fairing which have specially made rubber pieces with the ‘flash’ logo embossed on them. This logo is found on the Pirelli Supercorsa SP tyres. The Dragster RR Pirelli features the same tyres mentioned above, with special color graphics to match the bike, and can be ordered from Pirelli, as well.

Other custom bits include the custom seat, made by the Castiglioni Research Center, which also features the “flash” logo and color-matching panels. The exhaust tips have also been coated with a special ceramic-based paint, which makes for a subtle touch. But the real draw are the eye-catching liveries, which feature the Pirelli and “Diablo” logos from the brand.


Check out this video of us testing out the gorgeous MV Agusta F4 RR