We are kind of surprised as a Honda CB650F based neo-sports café concept debuted at the Paris Motor Show when the motorcycling industry was gathered at the INTERMOT. This motorcycle follows Honda’s new styling language for naked bikes. They established this new design theme last year with the CB1000R, CB300R and CB125R. This new design language revolves around a neo-retro theme.

The engine on the concept looks similar to the CB650F’s, at least visually. The frame also looks similar but the sub-frame seemingly attaches to the mainframe at a higher point. The tail is kept shorter with a flatter single seat to make the motorcycle emit the neo-sports vibe. The footpegs are further back and slightly higher, creating more room for the stacked dual mufflers. The fuel tank has a very similar profile but the cutouts for the knees are a different shape.

The concept features inverted forks and radially mounted calipers. Headlight is also smaller but an LED unit nonetheless. It looks quite similar to the one used on the CB1000R. The swingarm looks similar to the CB650F’s swingarm, but with a new, slimmer chain guard. The rear shock also doesn’t look much different from the CB650F’s suspension.

Now, the question is when will we see a production version? Because this concept looks very practical and there is a gap between the CB300R and CB1000R that needs to be filled. Now the production version of this motorcycle could very well debut at EICMA looking at Honda’s history. Last year they showed a concept version of the CB1000R at the Tokyo Motor Show and just a couple of weeks later, they were EICMA with a full-fledged production model. Let’s see if history repeats itself as we look forward to EICMA 2018.