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Thread: Panigale V4 R to come with dry clutch, more V4s to come from Ducati

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    Default Panigale V4 R to come with dry clutch, more V4s to come from Ducati

    Ducati’s crown jewel and their WSBK contender, the Panigale V4 R will now come with a dry clutch from factory. This move comes courtesy of the Ducati Corse race team as WSBK rules requires a homologated clutch i.e. the race bike cannot have a dry clutch if the homologated street bike model doesn’t have one. Racing- Ducati Superbike team confirmed the use of a dry-cutch in their pre-season testing, and therefore, Ducati corporate had to follow suite and make appropriate changes to the street bike. The dry clutch on duty in the Panigale V4 R comes from STM and is a slipper unit. To be precise, it is the STM EVO-SBK dry clutch model with 9 pressure plates and an adjustable secondary spring.

    It’s a part of the Ducati DNA, we mean the rattle of the dry clutch. Unfortunately, the sound of a dry clutch is almost impossible to get past the Euro4 and other noise restrictions so it’ll be quite interesting to see how Ducati is planning to get past this blockade on the street bike.


    In another news from Ducati, the CEO of the Bologna manufacturer, Claudio Domenicali, has revealed that they are planning a plethora of new models after the success of their Panigale V4. He said, “We will release 29 new bikes over the next five years. We will continue to develop new versions of existing products but will also be entering segments that we are not currently in. As part of that, we will exploit the V4 engine in different platforms.”

    While the specifics of this announcement (specific models) haven’t been revealed, it is quite likely that the 1103cc Stradale V4 engine might find a home in naked, touring and adventure models. The Ducati boss also stated that they were quite surprised with how the Panigale V4 R turned out to be which features the 998cc V4 engine.

    His statement: “We were positively surprised with the V4 R. It was a difficult exercise already with the reduced capacity to keep the same horsepower but the engine then responded quite strongly to the improvements that we made, so that by the end we found a bit more (power) than we expected. In many ways it is the most advanced bike we have ever developed. When you take a V4 R and put it in race trim, you have better wings, some better electronics and better suspension than a MotoGP bike. You have cornering ABS, which is not allowed on a MotoGP bike. A lot of riders lose the front in MotoGP but with our cornering ABS there would not be a single crash. Not one.”

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    Icon6 Re: Panigale V4 R to come with dry clutch, more V4s to come from Ducati

    It is a strange time we're witnessing.

    The world knows electric is the future. With Euro 4 (& still moving further), we're not expecting ground thumping performance boost now....
    And Still,

    Naked bikes are starting to churn out 208 bhp. Faired racebikes are churning 234 bhp with 165 kgs wet weight with just an exhaust change.... About 15 kgs heavier and few bhp's lesser than a MotoGP bike...
    And now we have an exotic dry clutch, one way to increase performance by the way... But, one that will be probably replaced at every service.... And Euro 4, all the best trying to match it.

    Maybe Ducati will try keeping the dry clutch covered to reduce noise, in a way that air/ventilation is still there? Doesn't sound like much of a plan to me. Anyhow.

    Honestly, what will be the scene when our kids will be of riding ages? It might be ultra-crazy.... if this is a sign of things to come...
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